Building a better Newsfeed.
Facebook changes that will impact your business.

Facebook have recently announced changes to the way they will be delivering messages to newsfeeds. After surveying Facebook users what they wanted to see more of, the results came back as “news from family and friends”. So as a result posts from family and friends will now be favoured by Facebook.

Facebook’s policy of Friends and Family come first, is designed to help connect people, places and things we want to be connected to and this lies first with the people we are friends with on Facebook.

Research has proven that people’s expectations when it comes to their news feeds are extremely high, these two principles below help us when managing your profiles.

Your Feed Should Inform:

People expect the stories in their feed to be meaningful to them and people value stories that they consider to be informative.

Your Feed Should Entertain:

We’ve also found that people enjoy their feed as a source of entertainment. For some people, that’s following a celebrity and to others its sharing funny photos with their friends.

So what does this mean for your business? This means that in order for your profile to get the message out there, we need to focus on boosting selected pots and re-evaluating current strategies.

Facebook Facts

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