Social Media Session with Erika Geraerts
– founder of Frank Body

Erika Geraerts has applied her creative thinking with great success to three businesses, all before her 27th Birthday. With Frank Body – the company who broke through the wall in the coffee scrub craze – her work garnered international attention and acclaim, attracting more than 600 thousand followers and creating a communication road map for businesses in the social media space.

In the years before she started frank body, she founded a copywriting agency, Willow & Blake with Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson. Together, they became the voice of some of Australia’s most progressive brands, like Peter Alexander, Lee Jeans, Red Earth, and Bardot Australia.

Here are her hot tips!

  • Share a common interest with people
  • Don’t be afraid to pay to play, boost content even if it’s by $20
  • Focus on something you can own and push that out
  • Your tone of voice is so important
  • Understand the market place and the industry you are entering
  • Build relationships with people
  • Social media Influencers aren’t as effective as your customer telling their own story
  • Ensure you have strong brand identity
  • Don’t be lazy
  • Have a strong vibe
  • Be polished with your photos, invest in good images
  • Influential people on social media are your customers
  • Incorporate human element into your marketing
  • Be consistent. Don’t post 3 post a day then nothing for a week.
  • Look around and see what time it is best to post. When are people on their mobiles? Morning, Lunch break, late at night ?
  • Follow your gut feel when you get bored with content so is your customer

Ask your customer what do they want 

  • Surveys through mail chimp surveys
  • Look closely at your Google analytics, learn to read the data