4 easy ways to get people to read your blog posts

Whether you love or loathe writing blogs, posting relevant, useful articles can encourage serious traffic to your website, drive conversions and build valuable relationships with your perfect customer. Lots of people love writing about their niche, but it can all feel like a waste of time if no one’s reading it.

Out of the 1.7 billion websites that exist, 600 million are blogs. But how do you get people to click through to your post over your competitors?

At 3PM, we know a thing or three about effective content marketing. Content that hits the mark is rarely created by accident without any strategy to back it up. To position yourself as an expert in your niche, blogging needs to be timely, captivating, and helpful.

If your blog posts are getting little [or zero] love, try these four easy ways to get more blog traffic.


Consistency is key

Have you ever visited a blog that hadn’t been updated in a year? If so, you probably didn’t check back the following week to see if there was fresh new content there. When people can really rely on your blog having consistently fresh articles, they’re more likely to stop back for a browse.

Consistent blog posting also shows that you’re invested in delivering the goods. One or two blogs posted six months ago won’t position you as a worthwhile source of information for your audience.

On the topic of consistency, how you write your blog posts is just as important. If one is full of dad jokes and sounds like it was written by a 62-year-old man called Dave, the next one shouldn’t be in the voice of a cosmo-loving Carrie Bradshaw.

Having one dedicated person [ideally a copywriter] to craft your posts will help to reinforce your brand voice and create the consistency you need.


Market your posts

There are so many ways to spread the word about your blogs, in fact, 97% of bloggers use social media to promote their posts. Distribution and effective marketing of your blog posts is just as [or even more] important than creating them. Afterall, you’d never create a new product and not market it, so why leave blogs out in the cold?

Where do they sign up?

In a world where everything seems increasingly fast-paced and attention-grabbing, you can’t just post your best work, cross your fingers and hope that people will stumble across it.

When people do read your stuff, encourage them to subscribe so that they never miss a post again [and you don’t miss out on that traffic]. Make sure your subscribe button is easy to find and accompanied by some compelling copy that tells them the benefits of signing up.

Interpret the evidence

The more information you have, the better – but more than that, it’s about how you use it. What trends have you noticed? What does this mean for your business? What are you going to do about it?

While analytics will tell you the ‘what’, market research gives you the ‘why’. It can reveal what customers are thinking and why they make certain decisions. Analytics can tell you when customers abandon your checkout, but only market research can tell you why.


Optimise for SEO

Another easy way of getting people to read your blog posts is optimising them for SEO. No, you don’t have to become a Star Trek-loving tech geek to start optimising.

You can get better organic traffic to your blog posts by:

  • Thinking like your customer: what phrases are they likely to type into Google? Try including that phrase in your post [for example, ‘ways to get people to read your blog posts’ 😉].
  • Use a relevant, engaging blog post title. Search engines and readers will figure out the relevancy of your content by reading the title of your blog, so make it good!
  • Write unique content that’s easy to read. Use short sentences, bullets, heading, and lists. No one wants to be scrolling through a thesis-style post written in the smallest font ever invented.


Still need help?

At 3PM, we’re a little bit obsessed with helping Australian businesses get online and thrive using effective digital strategies – from blog posts to PPC marketing.

Whether you’re looking for more customers, better customers, or higher conversions, contact us today to arrange a free consultation. We’re a digital advertising agency that’s truly committed to your success.

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