7 incredible blog post ideas guaranteed to get you more traffic in 2022

Even though we all know about the benefits of regularly blogging for business, it can be so hard to think up new and interesting post ideas. Often, coming up with topics that are both engaging to your audience, SEO-friendly AND high-converting takes a lot of skill, strategy and expertise.

Whether you often find yourself staring at a blank page or are so overwhelmed with hundreds of ideas that seem impossible to narrow down, deciding on what to blog about is a challenge a lot of businesses face.

Why is blogging important?

Did you know that businesses that blog regularly experience twice as much email traffic as those who don’t blog at all? In addition, blog posts remain the most effective form of content over email, eBooks and whitepapers.  

When you strategically create engaging blog posts, the benefits can include:

  • Increased web traffic
  • Social exposure and visibility
  • The chance to position yourself as an expert or thought leader
  • Turning your traffic into leads
  • Educate your customers and build trust

If you’re looking for blog concepts for your business, check out these ideas that are guaranteed to get you more engagement.

FAQ blog post

Aside from including a comprehensive FAQ page on your business website, you can also create blog posts around popular customer questions. The best part about writing FAQ blog posts is that you’re more likely to get into the featured snippet section on Google, especially if your article provides a lot of value.

The best way to find out what questions your audience is searching for is to do thorough keyword research using an SEO tool. If you’re unsure, ask your fave digital agency to do it for you 👋

Create an ultimate guide

Writing a comprehensive guide is a great way to show your readers [and Google] that you’re a true expert on your chosen subject. Long-form content is proven to perform better and, according to HubSpot, the ideal blog post length should be 2,100-2,400 words for SEO. If you want to take it a step further, you can also create a tutorial video and embed it into your post to help your customers better understand your topic.

Talk about trends

If your business sells dog treats, try typing ‘dog treat trends’ into Google and see what people are talking about out there online. Incorporating trends into your content marketing strategy is smart because the ratio of people Googling it compared to the amount of content already out there will always be high. In other words, if a topic or idea is new and trending, you’ll be competing against less other blog posts for reader attention.

Listicle blog post

Blog posts [just like this one] that are formatted as a list are incredibly popular because they’re easy to skim and absorb. They feed into our brain’s need to categorise information and they seem to require less commitment and effort from the reader.


There are few things people love more than a human story, and a blog post that either includes a quote or is formatted as a complete interview can provide real insight and value into a topic. Whether you interview someone at your company on their unique perspective or speak to a client about their experience with you, an interview can be compelling, engaging and seriously helps to build trust.

Ask your readers

Why not create a social media post asking your customers what they want to hear about? Once you’ve asked them what they’re interested in, have a look at whether there’s enough search volume for the topic and, if there is, you’ve found yourself a blog idea.

Behind the scenes

Showing that your business has a personality beyond its products and services is a great way to pull back the curtain and become a truly relatable brand. Whether you do employee spotlights [which can be amazing for recruitment] or write about a day in the life of a ___name your job title___, you’re likely to get lots of social shares and build brand awareness in no time.

Plan your content ahead of time

This list of blog post ideas should help you figure out what to write about — whatever your niche. Whether you’re writing about digital marketing, finance, real estate or pet food, it’s always a great idea to plan your content in advance. Planning helps you form a consistent blog-writing habit and can help you see your bigger content marketing strategy picture.


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