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Case study: 3PM increases Nissan dealer’s leads by 400%

Nissan Dealership 

The Challenge:
After seeing a notable drop in online enquiries, 3PM were tasked to drive additional qualified leads in a market experiencing a downturn.

Looking into the data, we found a drop in audience engagement with a particular landing page which featured a cross section of vehicle offers. From this, we identified the cross section of vehicle offers was limiting its appeal to a broader audience.

The 3PM Solution:
We tightened the User Experience (UX) and built a simplified landing page which allowed customers to request a full list of vehicles. We closed the loop on this by automatically delivering the list to their email.

We drove traffic to the landing page using a targeted Facebook campaign and automatically subscribed customers to the dealers mailing list as a loyalty nurturing strategy. Our strategy was a mix of awareness but with a stronger emphasis towards cultivating consideration of our clients brand.

The Results:
In 9 days we saw +400% increase in leads