Digital Communication For Business During COVID-19

New coronavirus lockdown measures are coming into force. Here is how to manage your online presence and client communications

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it means that pretty much nothing is as we know it. Forced shutdowns for non-essential businesses were announced by the Morrison Government on Sunday 22nd March, leaving only 48 hours to prepare. 

It’s an extremely challenging and tough time for businesses large and small, their staff and the surrounding community. Customers are also concerned about how businesses are adapting to the situation — are you open, what products do you have available, do you deliver etc. 

There are several steps you should be taking now to ensure your customers can get these answers without hassle or added stress to you and your team. Before customers search for you online be sure to update all of your digital platforms by doing the following: 

  1. Review your listings across Google My Business, Bing Places as well as other directories such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Basically, anywhere your customers find you. Update these listings to communicate how your business operations have changed during this time.
  2. Update your website with critical messaging about how the buying experience has been modified to accommodate new laws (ie. you’ll be placed on a waitlist, your order is placed on backorder, fulfilment delays, a staff member will contact you, these are our updated trading hours and off-site services, it’s business as usual etc.).
  3. Update FAQs on your website and create a dedicated, informative landing page communicating how your team are managing processes in response to COVID-19, including who comes into contact with your products, how your workflow has changed to emphasize safety and policy changes regarding existing purchases.
  4. Send an eDM to your CRM database and utilise SMS to communicate real time updates as they happen for the foreseeable future. Remember, you always want to stay top of mind and deliver your customers with the assurance that while your services may continue, or alternatively become limited or temporarily unavailable, you intend on resuming services as soon as the restrictions are lifted.
  5. Social media consumption has skyrocketed over the past few weeks. For a business this means we can talk directly to our customers in real time. Keep the dialogue open so you can frequently communicate about updates and changes to your business.
  6. PR and Press. Depending on the size of your organisation you may wish to share your best business practises with the media. 

It’s time to ramp up the communication with your customers, ease their minds and maintain loyal relationships to see you through this hardship. Remember there is no such thing as over communicating.