Email marketing in 2022: 3 trends you need to know

As another year tiptoes closer, lots of business owners are asking whether email marketing will still be effective in 2022. Are things like blogging and email fading away and being replaced with livestream shopping, NFTs and augmented reality?

Yes, artificial intelligence is being used more than ever and live stream shopping is THE thing to talk about at the digital marketing office water cooler, but email is still very much going strong.

Why does email marketing matter in 2022?

In 2021, global email marketing revenue is valued at a massive $8.49 BILLION [U.S] 🤯 By 2027, this figure is predicted to more than double to $17.9 billion. Why is it worth so much? Well, it’s a bloody good, cost-effective lead generation tool – that’s why.

Email was invented in 1978 and by 1996, Hotmail became the first widely available public Webmail client for anyone who had internet access. In 1998, about 7 million people used email, and by 2018 it had grown to 1.8 billion. 

As email popularity continues to grow, if email marketing isn’t part of your 2022 digital marketing strategy, you could be missing a trick. Here are the top three email trends to get your head around in 2022.

1. Interactivity

Delivering the same old style of emails to your audience probably won’t cut it in 2022. Interactive options could include carousels of images that users can swipe, polls, videos to watch, rollover effects, sliders they can manipulate and even games they can play.

The reason why interactive emails are becoming more popular is that it decreases the number of steps a user needs to take to engage with your brand. Interactive elements will help you stand out amongst your competition and create a more enticing, engaging experience for customers.

If you need a hand implementing email interactivity in 2022, contact the experts.

2. Switch your focus

Lots of businesses use email open rate as a metric to determine how successful their campaigns have been. The more opens, the better – right? Not necessarily. 

This year, Apple released new privacy settings to help users control and manage apps’ use of their data. Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about customers – including when they opened an email and links to their other online activities.

Now, Apple reloads all email content – including the tracking pixels, meaning emails can appear ‘opened’, even when a user hasn’t opened it. So, if you really want to excel at email marketing in 2022, it’s better to look at conversion rate, click-through rate [CTR] and list growth rate.

3. Personalisation

Not brand new to 2022, but an ever-growing trend, personalisation in digital marketing is now a necessity rather than an option. 70% of brands fail to use personalisation in email, despite it generating around six times higher transaction rates. So, if you’re one of the businesses that utilise this simple strategy, you’ll stand out from the crowd [and get more leads].

When customers receive so many emails every day from businesses trying to grab their attention, personalisation is a way to catch their eye. Whether you use their name to address them or just tailor campaigns to their interests, using personalisation can increase CTRs and boost your sales.

Make emails work for you in 2022

Staying on top of email marketing trends in 2022 is essential for effective, relevant, and high-converting campaigns.

If you’re looking for a friendly bunch of experts to help you develop an email marketing strategy that works, give us a shout. We’ll figure out exactly what makes your audience tick– what they love, what they hate and what will to get them through your door 🛒


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