How to be an expert in your niche and get more customers [3 easy tips]

When searching for advice on how to run a marathon, who would you go to? Would you call up your grocery store and ask a cashier for their marathon running advice? Or would you search for an expert runner? It’s probable that you’d look online for a knowledgeable pavement pounder – someone who’s ran more than one race and has done it well. 

The same goes for digital marketing. If you need a new website, social media management or SEO services, you’re more likely to contact a reputable digital agency 👋 than your Dad. And for good reason [no offence, Dad].

People listen to those who they think know best. People are drawn to authority figures, well known experts and those with influence because it will save them time and give them the answers and solutions they need quickly.

What’s your niche?

It’s likely that your business isn’t a Jack of all trades type of operation – whether you renovate homes, sell candles, walk pooches or clean windows – you have a niche.

So how can you become an expert in your niche and start getting more customers?

1. Micro Niche

Knowing your niche is the first place to start, but narrowing it down to a micro niche will help you provide even more targeted information to your audience. It’ll help you stand out amongst the competition and ensure that it’s just more customers finding you, but the most valuable [and most interested] customers are heading towards your open, expert arms.

Examples of micro niching: 

–   Niche: pet toys. Micro niche: high-end greyhound toys.

–   Niche: digital marketing. Micro niche: social media advertising.

–   Niche: beauty supplies. Micro niche: makeup for drag artists.

The benefit of micro niching is that although it might result in fewer website visits, the conversion rate is much higher. When people have a better understanding of what they’re looking for and discover you doing it well, the possibility of selling goes up.

2. Value, value, value

At 3PM, we know that digital marketing isn’t just about creating a perception of value – it’s about delivering value to clients, time and time again. It’s the best way to prove you’re an expert and won’t just help you gain more customers, but will ensure you retain those you already have.

Audiences hang out online in the places they can get the most benefit. So how can you offer value? Often, posting a couple of blogs and a social media post every week isn’t enough.

Enhancing your offerings through things like free [useful] webinars, tools, eBooks and courses show that you’re not just an expert but you’re willing to share that expertise with your fans. The main thing to consider when creating valuable content is to do your research. As an expert, your opinions should be authentic and your sources trustworthy. Use data, the latest information and always keep your content relevant.

3. Stay ahead of the game

Whatever type of content you produce, making sure that your niche expertise shines through relies on keeping up to date with the latest trends in your industry. If you’re a tech expert in 2021 but haven’t checked out the most up to date tech news since 2017, you’re not going to have the answers audiences need. 

Keeping up with the latest trends in your niche is often easy for business owners, because their chosen industry is often an area that they have genuine interest in. Producing blog posts, podcasts, videos and social media content that reflects that expert knowledge will show audiences that you’re a trusted source of info that they can turn to again and again.

It’s time to reveal your expertise

Chances are, you’re already an expert in your niche and just need to start communicating that to customers. If you need advice about turning your knowledge into effective content marketing, get in touch with 3PM today.


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