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How user-generated content can elevate your digital marketing

User-generated content [UGC] is content created by your audience that can be posted on social media, blog posts and any other digital marketing platform. Sometimes customers themselves post it, but often brands reshare UGC on behalf of their customers. As a cost-effective way for businesses to create fresh content, UGC can increase engagement and build authentic trust between you and your audience.   


User-generated content can improve your marketing strategy

If a business told you that their product was effective, affordable and the best thing since sliced bagels, would you believe them? Customers are savvy enough in 2021 to not just accept what businesses say as absolute truth. After all, you’re trying to sell something, so why wouldn’t you sprinkle your product or service with positivity, rainbows and glitter?

UGC is incredible because when customer has enjoyed a product so much that they voluntarily share its amazingness for you, it’s a million times [approximately] more effective at creating a conversion.

It’s all about social proof

What is social proof? Social proof is basically fear of missing out [FOMO]. It means people are more likely to value and trust something when they see others loving it too. Think about when you walk past a café, and it has a queue snaking around the block. Those people are surely queueing up for good reason, right?

According to one study, 92% percent of consumers globally say they trust earned media [like recommendations from friends and family] above all other forms of advertising. And that’s where UGC comes in.

Reviews matter

Did you know that reviews are a form of user-generated content, too? How often have you read a review before booking accommodation or checked out the opinion of an Insta influencer before buying a product? Whether we like to admit it or not, the opinion of others matters.

Ways to encourage user-generated content

  • Running a contest to encourage user-generated content can motivate customers to begin sharing the love. For example, ‘Tag us on Instagram wearing one of our products to win a $150 voucher’.
  • Try adding a prompt for UGC to every order confirmation email? ‘If you love what we do, share the love on social media and we’ll reshare.’
  • Encourage reviews using follow-up emails. This shows that you care about your audiences’ experience and could give you a healthy dose of social proof to draw in fresh customers.
  • Always take time to respond, like, or reshare if a customer has gone out of their way to interact with your brand online. This shows that it’s a two-way street and you’re just take, take, take.
  • Choose the platform that suits your brand’s digital marketing strategy to maximise engagement and increase sales. That means knowing where your customers hang out and focusing on that platform. It could be a wasted effort to focus on Instagram when your customers predominantly use LinkedIn, for example.
  • Ask for permission before sharing UGC – it’s the right thing to do. That means either having clear terms and conditions outlining that you plan to repost, or directly asking a customer whether it’s okay.

Track your progress

As with any digital marketing, analysing your results is essential. If one user-generated content strategy worked really well, how can you ensure that you leverage its success? How can you maximise engagement moving forwards?

Tracking your progress can also help you set and achieve your user-generated content goals. Maybe a year from now you’d like 200+ positive Google reviews. Getting there will be a whole lot easier if you know where you’re at every step of the way.

We’re here to help

At 3PM we know our stuff when it comes to digital content marketing. Whatever your industry, our content marketing services are effective, strategic and will position you as an expert in your niche.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can elevate your digital marketing and get your sales soaring.


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