Is this the end for Facebook advertising?

In a world of ever-increasing uncertainty, there are so many things we can choose to worry about – but is the end of Facebook advertising one of them?

Since Apple introduced its opt-out feature for iOS14 users, just 4% of people have chosen to let apps track them. Although no one expected the number to be high, 4% is staggeringly low!

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency [ATT] feature has made it more difficult for those advertising on Facebook, but is Facebook advertising really over? It can definitely feel scary – especially for our paid digital marketing strategies. After all, how can Facebook advertising continue with so little data for targeting customers?

With Facebook drama constantly in the news, it can all feel a little bit unsettling. From six-hour outages costing Facebook billions, to lawsuits that question the platform’s morality – how stable is Facebook as an advertising platform?


Daily active users are still on the increase

Facebook’s ad platform made $84.2 billon in 2020 [is that all??] and this press release revealed that the app had an 8% year-on-year increase in daily active users for the first quarter of 2021. That figure doesn’t even include other platforms like Instagram that fall under the Zuckerberg umbrella.

Although cracks might be appearing, with figures like those, it’s hard to see the end of Facebook advertising coming any time soon.


Facebook is still collecting data

Although it seems like the more data we have about our customers the better, less data doesn’t have to mean fewer conversions. In a similar way that we were all forced to pivot due to the global pandemic, it could just mean that our digital marketing has to evolve with the platforms we use.

The iOS14 update and Facebook’s privacy updates do reduce the amount of customer data collected, but anything a user does on Facebook can still be tracked and used to identify adverts they’d be interested in.


Facebook are adapting to change

In a recent blog post from Facebook, they outline actions they’re taking to improve campaign performance by, ‘adapting in the areas of targeting, optimization, delivery and measurement, even with the increased limitations facing our industry.’ They’re actively improving conversion modelling, accelerating investments and enhancing measurement tools.

‘We are confident the actions above will continue to provide even more value to you over time. Our top priority is making sure that you’re able to reach current and new customers, drive your marketing objectives and measure the performance of your advertising campaigns while helping you honor customers’ choices around privacy.’

A change is [always] coming

Although the way we advertise on Facebook is changing, it doesn’t mean it’s dead. As with any digital marketing trend, we have to use it to our [and most importantly, our customers’] advantage while being flexible enough to change with it. 

At 3PM, we’ve been in the digital marketing business a long time and understand that as platforms come and go, one thing remains the same: to improve and grow your business, resilience is key.


Customers are looking for brands they can trust

The one thing that’s certain about uncertain times is that customers need brands that they can truly trust more than ever before. That means using social media to build meaningful connections, improving your customer service approach and building a community around your business.

We’re here for you

The world of digital marketing can be a daunting place. There are new acronyms popping up every week, Google updates that you’d need hours every day to get your head around and unexpected outages that can unnerve the best of us.

The thing is, whether this is the end of Facebook advertising or not [we think not], customers aren’t spending less – they might just be changing how they spend. That means your eCommerce store needs to be up to scratch, your communication channels need to be on point and you always need to put your customers first.

Following trends, coming up with creative ideas, bouncing back and being resilient is what we’re all about at 3PM. We’ve got your back in this constantly changing space. We know what businesses need yesterday, today and tomorrow and can’t wait to help you thrive – whatever happens at Zuckerberg & Co. 

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