Need help organising all your social media accounts? You need to use social media management software.

So, you’ve made accounts and pages for your business on multiple social media platforms. You’re seeing comments on your Facebook posts, getting direct messages from people on Instagram, going through all your new followers on LinkedIn, and what’s that – ANOTHER TikTok trend to wrap your head around?

How are you supposed to keep up with the head-spinning 24/7 cycle that is social media? You’ve not the time to constantly be scrolling through each and every platform your business is on – you’ve got things to do, people to see!

That’s why you should start thinking about using a social media management tool. Keep on reading to find out how using a social media management tool can elevate your business.

Using a social media management tool can help you save time

A social media management platform can help you centralise all your accounts in one place, allowing you to easily schedule and publish posts, read and respond to comments and messages, and track insights into how your content is performing. 

Although you may sleep, social media activity never does. You don’t want to miss anything though, so luckily with social media management tools you can schedule posts and ephemeral content ahead of time, and even create and send automated replies.

Social media management tools even give you insight into your audience’s online habits, saving you from pouring time [you don’t have] into doing research yourself!

Why is it important to investigate my social media audience?

Many businesses make the mistake of just posting on their social media for the sake of it. They think that if they just post as much as they can onto their Facebook page, the customers [and the sales] will just come flooding in.

That could not be further from the truth. 

When you utilise social media management software for your business, you can gain insights into your followers’ online habits. For instance, you can find out when it’s the best time to post. When you begin to build a sizeable online presence, these management tools are able to inform you when your followers are most likely to be online so that you can schedule and post at just the right time so that more eyeballs will be on your content.

By actually interacting with your followers thanks to the insights provided to you by the social media management tool, you can build a genuine and active relationship with them, which in turn helps build trust and brand loyalty.

How does a social media management tool help measure my performance and improve for next time?

You’re always looking for ways to improve. A social media management tool can generate reports on what posts of yours are doing well and which are not [Which ones got a lot of likes? Which ones were seen by the least amount of people?]. 

By having access to and understanding this information, you can tweak and adjust your content so that it can potentially perform better next time.

How do I choose a social media management software that’s right for my business?

There are many social media management tools out there and it definitely can be overwhelming with the options that are available. There are plenty of great options out there [Popular ones include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Pallyy and Buffer] and so it’s always worth trialing them out before committing to them [unfortunately, they’re not always cheap!]. Some even can give you a demo of how it all works.

However, when you come to an agency for guidance [we volunteer as tribute!], we’ve gone through all that shopping and trialling for you. You can fill out this form to streamline your business’ social media management today.

Want help creating and managing your social media content and online community? Talk to the experts

In 2022, there’s no good reason your business shouldn’t be on social media or just be on one social media platform [Facebook is great, but there are audiences elsewhere just as important!] With more and more people relying on social media to inform their buying and spending decisions, you could be losing potential customers if you ignore social media any longer. 

Luckily, 3 Phase Marketing is here to help you. Our ability to deliver robust and effective social media strategies for businesses just like yours has us doing all the hard work for you – and that’s what we love doing. Start or elevate your business’ social media presence and get a free consultation by filling in this quick and simple online form or by giving us a ring on 1300 883 986.


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