Our 5 favourite Australian campaigns of 2018

Dundee Movie Trailer – Tourism Australia

The mock Crocodile Dundee trailer was an ambitious move that paid off for Tourism Australia. The star-studded ‘trailer’, which included Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman and Danny McBride, was then promoted across social media until it was finally revealed to be an ad for Tourism Australia. This was an ingenious move that got the attention of many people around the globe and had people talking – even calling for the actual movie to be made.  Plus, it generated it’s own (very popular) hashtag #bringbackdundee.

NAM Mini Legends – NAB

The charismatic ad featured some of the current AFL greats in their mini forms. The mini legends of Ben Brown, Charlie Cameron, Charlie Curnow, Dyson Heppell, Jack Steven, Steven May and Trent Cotchin were all inserted into actual footage from games. The campaign was nothing but feel good content featuring two things people love to watch – kids having fun and the great game of AFL. Clever and creative, this campaign worked a treat.

Socceroos write tributes to their mentors – Hyundai:

Hyundai perfectly interwove the FIFA World Cup with emotional storytelling. The campaign featured Socceroo players paying tribute to their mentors by writing and then reading out loud letters to them. The ad may have featured Hyundai as the sponsors but it really just honed in on the players and their gratitude towards those who helped them get to where they are. It’s one of those campaigns that sticks with you.

Celeste Barber #CruiseChallengeAccepted – Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International got social media comedy queen Celeste Barber on board (so to speak) for a #CruiseChallengeAccepted campaign. The ad got the Instagram legend to take on as many of the Royal Caribbean activities as she could in one day, only on land and with her family. It’s classic Barber style – hilarious and relatable – while painting a picture of what the brand offers on their cruises. Intelligent, funny and engaging – what more could you want out of a campaign?

Stop it at the Start – the Australian Government

In this campaign, the Australian Government aimed to prevent violence and harassment against women by taking on the attitude of  ‘boys will be boys’ that infiltrates society from early years. Delivering the key message, ‘violence against women, let’s stop it at the start’, the campaign hit close to home for many Australians and was effective in continuing a much-needed conversation.