Our Favourite Australian Christmas Ads of 2018

The end of year is a time of joy, last-minute Christmas shopping, way too much food and a never ending stream of festive filled content. Every brand is put to the test to come up with a clever and original message while tieing in Christmas and the holiday spirit – all while remaining true to their brand.

It’s not easy, but if you get it right, it can do wonders for your brand. Some companies nail it while some miss the mark, but we thing is for sure, you’ll be seeing a lot of Santa.

Featuring a lot of love, family, and Christmas cheer, below, we’ve put together our favourite Australian Christmas ads for 2018.

Season Of Good Dog 108” – Pedigree

Pedigree’s new campaign nails the feel-good Christmas sensation. By looking at the holiday period through the lens of a dog, the ad is cute, humorous and relatable, inserting the offering naturally without feeling like we’re being sold something. It’s joyous and we love it.

Nicest Christmas Ever – Air New Zealand

Not technically an Aussie ad but close enough – our neighbours across the ocean, Air New Zealand, have created an adorable and engaging ad that presents itself in a story format. In it, Santa’s ‘naughty list’ is leaked to one of the kids who then bands together the other naughty kids from across the world for a summit to get onto the ‘nice list’. Air New Zealand create out of the box campaigns that are engaging and relevant to their brand, to which this is no different. It’s fun to watch and extremely clever. A+++.

One Less Present – Act For Kids Christmas Appeal

In this campaign, Act for Kids encourages Australian families to give one less gift this Christmas and instead give a donation to their Christmas appeal which helps neglected and abused kids. It’s got heart at its core and engages the viewer while delivering a truly worthwhile message.

Don’t Drive Naughty – NRMA

This touching campaign targets parents, urging them to focus on the present situation and drive carefully, or ‘not naughty’, tying in with the festive season. It focuses on the importance of family and staying safe over the holidays while maintaining upbeat by delivering a feel good ending. It’s Christmas-y while also delivering us a message we can use year round.

David Jones Christmas 2018 – David Jones

David Jones has embraced a very classical style for their Christmas ad this year. The 15-second ad features a family gathering in the woods full of gourmet foods and Christmas cheer. It’s classy, glamour and has the joy of family at its heart.

Give A Little Love This Christmas – Target

Target’s Christmas campaign this year taps into the notion of the season of giving by encouraging us all to ‘give a little love’. In a narrative form, this ad delivers a heartfelt message while staying true to brand. It’s effective, engaging and gets our tick of approval.