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SMS marketing revealed: boost your profits fast with these powerful texting tips

SMS marketing has been around for yonks and is something that continues to grow in popularity. Most people are constantly exposed to email and social media marketing on their phones these days, so using SMS to get more sales can be a great way to stand out and break through the usual noise.

What is SMS marketing?

If you don’t know already, SMS [short message service] marketing means sending a text message to someone on your subscriber list (yes, you need their permission before you text them) in order to communicate what you’re offering. It could be ‘SALE NOW ON’ or ‘USE CODE SMSMARKETING FOR 10% OFF’.

In 2012, worldwide mobile ad spend sat at $5.7 billion [USD]. In 2022, that figure is predicted to reach at least $336 billion.

So, can your business really benefit from SMS marketing?

When it comes to ad spend, email marketing, SEM and social media advertising can generate huge returns when you execute them well, but it’s always a good idea to think about new ways to create business revenue. That’s where SMS marketing comes in.

A 2021 survey found that over 40% of people spend between five and six HOURS a day on their mobile devices. A massive 71% of people said that they spend more personal time on their phone than with their partner.

SMS is great for promoting time-sensitive messages like limited offers and deals. With most people having their device within reaching distance for the majority of the day, you can reach people and convey a message within seconds.

Use these tips for high-converting SMS marketing

Always add value

What’s special about what you’re offering and how will it benefit your customer?

Remember, features tell and benefits sell.

That means showing your audience what’s in it for them and going in all guns blazing with an offer that’ll improve their day, week and year. 

Be concise

SMS marketing messages have a 160-character limit, but that doesn’t mean you should be overloading your subscribers with multiple text messages a day. We also don’t recommend sending more than four or five messages per month – but it really does depend on your audience. 

Get to the point and get there fast. 

That means writing copy that’ll guarantee engagement and doesn’t beat around the bush.

Be personal

Not only should you be segmenting your audience lists when crafting an SMS marketing campaign, but you should be using data automation where possible to include the person’s name in the message.

Why does personalisation in marketing matter? Because people want to know that you see, hear and value who they are. It keeps people engaged and, when done strategically, it makes customers feel special.

Examples of SMS marketing include order confirmations, feedback texts, welcome texts, happy birthday messages, hot new product arrivals and news about special discounts.

Getting started with SMS marketing for your business is easier than you think. At 3PM, we know all the best platforms to use and have a team of amazing copywriters to help you craft messages that convert. Whether you’re an eCommerce business or a service provider, we can help you find the path to more sales.

When it comes to digital marketing, our results speak for themselves. Every single day our mission is to get business just like yours reaching their full potential. That means real results, real business growth and, ultimately, wealth. Get in touch today.


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