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With a new year comes new opportunities. With a clean slate, it’s time to put together your social media strategies for the new year – and let’s be honest, you can’t get away with mediocre social media in this digital era, it’s time to prioritise it and make it better than good. And we’re here to help with the perfect recipe for how to do it for you. This year, smash your social media game out of the park.

Use Stories

You need to be utilising every tool in the box and Instagram and Facebook stories are exactly what you need to drive engagement with your audience and increase your brand’s awareness and exposure.

Stories are great for increasing your brand’s visibility, diversifying your content, and keeping your audience engaged – all in real time. They need to be relevant to your viewers and deliver the content they want to see on a regular basis.


How could we have a recipe for a good social media strategy without hashtags in there? Hashtags build brand awareness and exposure and get your content to the right audience. Do your research and find out which ones your audience are using, and then add them to your posts without over doing it (you don’t want to look spammy!).

Number of posts

Don’t just roll the dice with your social media strategy this year – make sure you have all the key ingredients (which we are handily letting you in on). One of these factors is your number of posts. Regular, relevant content is crucial to keeping your audience updated and engaged with your brand. Keep it constant, keep it interesting, keep it coming!

Post Time

Using time can be incredibly advantageous to your social media strategy when used correctly. Use insights and data to find out when your audience is online and post accordingly – this is including both time of day and day of the week. Know your audience and get amongst them. Don’t leave it to chance, be in the right place at the right time and insert yourself into the conversation.


Use this New Year and new beginnings to shake things up and get imaginative, inspired, and experimental with your creative. Make sure your content is fresh, engaging and stands out amongst a very crowded sea of posts. You want to catch your audience’s eye, and to do that, you’ll need innovative creative.


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