Success Tips In A Downturn Market

In recent light of the COVID-19 concerns, the continuum of buzzing from noisy notifications from our Facebook feeds have had us feeling a little overwhelmed. The pressure to put retail and e-commerce on a standstill or push through the economic pre-recession cracks seems to be an undeniable moral decision business owners are making by the minute. However, did you know that brick and mortar businesses that also have e-commerce stores saw an average revenue weekly growth increase of 52% and an 8.8% increase in conversions since COVID-19 concerns came to light?

Many businesses have reported that e-commerce sales have exceeded rates of Black Friday and Cyber Monday levels! Due to this, Amazon in the U.S are to hire 100,000 new workers due to COVID-19 demands

While scare tactics have been served up on our silver social platters, we’re here to dish out our most daring top tips on being proactive during this difficult time. Take this as your unadulterated guide to upping the ante on the magics of digital marketing – your new business BFF. Steam past your competitors with our recommendations for marketing during the COVIT-19 outbreak.

Brand awareness is like PB&J- underrated and often forgotten about. That being said, this will be your greatest profit spinner long term. It separates you from all of your competitors and whilst they’re trying to climb the food chain, you’re already steaming ahead. The more consistently you invest in your brand long-term, the cheaper your advertising will be.

We know it sounds cliché, but it’s time to think outside the box. Let’s strut to the beat of your own drum with these tactics here:

              1. Do you rely on conferences or trade shows to find new prospects? If yes, those are now getting cancelled, so now’s the time to invest in digital. Produce videos showcasing the benefits of your products, connect with your prospects on LinkedIn and upload your videos. Here are some great tips on optimising your LinkedIn account.
              2. Does your sales team do a lot of presentations? If the answer is yes, then great! Now’s the time to move to video and elevate the profile of your sales team. There are heaps of free videos tools on the market, our favorite video tool is loom.
              3. Are you a brick and mortar business feeling the pressure? Let’s accelerate the e-commerce of your biz’ and build you an e-Commerce store today. We are offering a 40% off rate card for COVID-19 affected businesses.
              4. The power of automated content – Keep your customers informed and engaged. Are they just sitting in your database collecting dust? If you don’t have an automated workflow process set up you are missing out on some big opportunities. Existing customers are 20 x times more likely to buy from you so now is the time to learn about automated email marketing.
              5. Limit sharing negative information about Coronavirus- Instead, we opt for sharing positive news and give away free information! Check out the Good News Network for positive content insp.
              6. Video content – Invest in fabulous lighting and set up a home studio. You’re basically an influencer now! Share content online with your channels, remember you can use the free tool we mentioned above, Loom.
              7. Build a new website. No more procrastinating! This can take weeks to get the design, layouts and content right. We say, use this quiet time to get your most important asset right – so when the economy turns you are ready to rumble! Our websites are designed to created a reaction when visitors show up, do you want more sales, to grow your subscribers, or increase engagement? Whatever your objective, we have the strategies to get you the desired results.

Oftentimes when the economy takes a hit, in-house marketing teams are the first to go. Capitalise on the opportunity by finding new clients and don’t participate in the credit crunch. Whilst it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to the realities of COVID-19, we encourage you to resist temptation on pulling the plug of advertising costs and invest in your business long-term. If you need an extra push in the right direction, you know where to find us!