The 3 deadly sins you HAVE TO avoid when creating your digital marketing strategy [seriously]

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the core function of digital marketing is changing rapidly and there’s increased pressure on businesses to adapt just as fast [or even faster]. Marketing has always been a vital aspect of revenue generation, but so many businesses set their marketing efforts up to fail by creating systems that are outdated or having outlooks that are too rigid to adapt to market conditions.   

To increase your return on investment [ROI] and seriously grow your business, here are the three deadly sins you should avoid in your digital marketing.

Not understanding your perfect customer

Maybe you did some great research three years ago and figured out who your dream customer was. You created buyer personas with their name, favourite colour and preferred ice-cream topping. Or maybe you took a stab in the dark when you started your business, and wound up lucky. You got the sales. You got the great feedback. Your business grew.

When you did your market research back then, the world was a different place – and so was your ideal customer. The pandemic has changed how every market operates [whether you sell wheels, doors or something else] so not knowing who your ideal customer is can really hurt your business.

Did you know? Web analytics, electronic surveys, smartphone data and phone interviews are among the top methods of customer insight?

Look at your competition, analyse your current customers’ buying habits, segment your  audience, test out your ideas and scour the latest trends from trusted sources. However you do it, don’t leave it too long before you get to know your customers all over again.

Digital marketing without strategy

A massive 42% of organisations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

Anyone and everyone can [and does] post stuff online. But that’s not marketing. If you want the kind of results that make your competitors well jel, you NEED strategy. Why? Because impressive ROI doesn’t happen by chance.

  • Evaluate your current digital presence: what’s working now and why?
  • Set goals: what measurable goals are you hoping to achieve?
  • Define your audience: see above.
  • Truly understand your sales funnel: what are the stages? Where do your customers sit at each part of the funnel?
  • Create a content plan: to ensure ultimate engagement, tailor your content to each channel strategically.  
  • Analyse your results: how are you customers interacting with your strategy? What can you change and improve to grow your business even more?

Neglecting social media

If you’ve got a couple of social media accounts but never post on them, that’s neglect. If you post without strategy, that’s neglect. And yes, if you post a grainy pic of your kitten once a month, that’s neglect too. Social media is a must-have in an ever-increasing online world, but getting it wrong can mean a LOT of time wasted.

Between 2020 and 2021, Australians spent an average of 1 hour and 48 minutes per DAY [!] on social media, so if your business isn’t there to woo them, another business will.

If you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing on Insta, LinkedIn or Facebook, our team can help. Check out our social media optimisation tips or get in touch with our expert team. We navigate social platforms on your behalf to help you enhance connections, build relationships and increase your reach. The social media campaigns we implement are always data-driven, tailored to your unique business goals and based on what really works.

Now you know

Knowing what digital marketing sins to avoid and implementing these strategies will set you up for success in 2022 and beyond. 

Get in touch with the friendly, experienced and dashingly good-looking 😉 3PM team to find out what other marketing sins are holding you back.


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