The only 3 social media optimisation tips you need to seriously explode your sales

To get serious profit using platforms like Instagram and Facebook, knowing how to effectively execute social media optimisation [SMO] is a must. SMO allows your brand to stand out and, when you nail it, you’ll see incredible user engagement, improved brand awareness and sizzling sales.

What is social media optimisation?

Social media optimisation [SMO] means following the best practices of the platform you’re using to manage your brand’s online presence. As a digital marketing strategy, SMO can increase awareness of your products and services, help you connect with customers and, ultimately, grow your business.

While most businesses are onboard with using social media to generate leads in 2022, many fail to make these simple SMO changes that have the potential to majorly improve their online performance.

Don’t treat every post like an ad

Big promotions, special offers and discount codes are bound to get short-term interest, but it’s not smart to rely solely on this type of content to grow your audience.

When you’re always screaming “BUY FROM US, WE’RE THE BEST” or “LOOK HOW GREAT OUR PRODUCTS ARE!” audience fatigue will soon set in, and they’ll go elsewhere.

Although around 54% of people use social media to research products, it’s also about creating a community around your brand. That means creating content that provides value to your ideal customer through thought leadership, posting useful how-to videos, sharing your winning formula and ALWAYS providing solutions to their common problems.

How do people behave on that specific platform?

People aren’t likely to be browsing Pinterest for business wins and those on LinkedIn are [rarely] on the hunt for hilarious memes.

Do you know who your customer is? Using market research, you can easily figure out where your audience hangs out. They’re ready and waiting to engage with your business, but if you’re not willing to go to where they are, your business growth could falter.

Once you know where your audience is, how do they use that platform? Are you posting when they’re online or at a time of day they aren’t likely to even see it? Tailoring your content to meet both the needs of your customer AND the platform/s they’re on is one of the best ways to optimise for social media.

Review your social media strategy

Whether you do this one on your own or enlist the help of an expert social media team, take time to look at what’s gone well [and not so well] in the past, in order to optimise for the future.

Ask yourself:

  •         What are my social media goals?
  •         Am I reaching those goals?
  •         Am I posting the right type of content?
  •         How is my audience responding to the current content?

Review your progress at the end of each month to see what’s working and what’s falling flatter than a pancake. The best way to fast-track your SMO is to deep-dive and ask WHY things have worked or not and adjust as necessary.

It’s ALL about them

The one thing to never forget about social media optimisation is that it’s ALL about your customer. What do they want that they don’t have? How can you help them? How can you engage them and meet them where they are? If you want to post photos of your dog but your fluffy friend doesn’t resonate with your audience, then it could be time to cut Fido from the final cut.

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