The top 3 ways to build customer relationships using social media

Successful digital marketing is more than just about drawing in a customer and making a quick sale. What transforms any business for the better is creating meaningful customer relationships that stand the test of time.

The stats vary, but according to some reports, acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times more than retaining an existing one. Effective customer retention will inspire repeat sales and increase the lifetime profitability of each buyer – which is a lot more efficient than finding a constant stream of new customers.

Using our top three ways of building customer relationships using social media, you and your audience will have a connection that’ll make Jay-Z and Beyonce jealous.

1. Don’t ghost your customers

If you leave your customers hanging when it comes to social media communication, you could ruin a good thing before it even takes off. According to a study called The Social Habit, 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes when they contact a brand on social media, and 42% within 60 minutes.

Does that mean you even have to respond on weekends? What about evenings? 57% of respondents in the study said that they expect business response times to be the same during evenings and weekends as during normal business hours. But HOW?

Chatbots and carefully crafted automatic responses can provide business owners with a time buffer so that whether you’re asleep, walking the dog, or just have a day off, customers don’t have to wait around. Striking a good balance between this kind of automation and amazing human customer service agents can help businesses respond both quickly and effectively.

2. Get engaged

So, you’ve figured out how to reply to every customer at almost any time of day and night. The next step is to make those responses engaging and genuine. That means always using their first name when replying, thanking them for their message, and showing your human side. Oh, and LISTEN.

No one wants to feel like they’re dealing with a business that treats them like just another sale. Really hear what your customer is asking and answer in the most helpful, authentic way without being too salesy. It’s not about trying to come across like you care – it’s about conveying the fact that you really do.

Revealing your brand voice during interactions can be particularly effective and can reassure customers that yours is a business run by humans, for humans. That means if your brand has a little quirkiness, humour and personality, don’t respond like a robot.

Treat them seen, keep them keen

Are you always talking about yourself and just using social media to self-promote? No one wants to be taken on a date and never asked a question. Instagram polls, Facebook surveys, and interactions that ask the customer what they want can show that you actually care about their needs. Which product do they prefer? What do they think of a recent event? What’s their favourite snack?

As well as being the perfect way to test out new product ideas, asking customers questions on social media can start real conversations and build a community around your brand. Lots of brands use influencers to promote their product or service, but digital marketing strategies like user-generated content [UGC] can give a voice to your audience and get your social proof through the roof.   

UGC is content created organically by a brand’s audience that you can then share [with permission] on social media. It’s cost-effective, trustworthy, increases conversions and lets your audience know that you see them. Whether it’s a recent shopper talking about the candle they just purchased from you, or a fan raving about your amazing customer service – sharing their feedback can solidify your relationship and get them coming back for more.

4. Level up your social strategy

Simply having a social media presence is no longer enough – especially in a world where everyone and their cat is competing for customer attention. If you want to really level up your digital marketing in 2021, you’ll need a social media strategy that’s relationship focused.

At 3PM, we know the whole social media thing can be a lot. There are so many things to think about. What hashtags should you use? Are shares better than likes? And what the hell is an Insta reel? For tailored advice for your business, from a team of experts who know what’s what, contact 3PM today.


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