What you might not know about off-page SEO and why you need it to get more leads

Let’s face it, as a business owner, you’ve probably already heard about how important it is to get your SEO on track so that you can start making money from the serious leads it can reel in. But do you know the difference between on- and off-page SEO? If you don’t, you could be missing out on the chance to get more traffic, better leads and bigger profits. 

We get it, the whole SEO thing can be confusing, time consuming, and not to mention zzzzz-inducing [unless you actually like doing keyword research, investigating CTRs and analysing bounce rate stats]. That’s why we believe in keeping things simple. With this easy-to-understand introduction to off-page SEO, you’ll be running rings around your competitors in no time. 

Firstly, what IS SEO?

Search engine optimisation just means making your website and other digital marketing efforts better so that you rank higher in search engine results pages [also known as SERPs].

What does on-page SEO mean?

Improving your on-page SEO means writing blog posts, bolstering your content, improving your web copy and making the whole experience of using your site [user experience, aka UX] better for your customers. On-page SEO is super important because, without it, you could have thousands of visits to your website every day, but if people don’t like what they see, they won’t stick around [and forget about them making a purchase].

The following are on-site SEO improvements you’ve probably already made:

  • Lowering your page speed loading times so that customers aren’t waiting around.
  • Creating and posting high quality content on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring every single one of your pages has been crafted with conversions in mind.
  • Making sure your site is responsive across all devices – not just on desktop.

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So, what’s off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO means optimising things that can’t be seen on your site. It’s the magic that happens behind the scenes. What makes off-page SEO so effective is that a lot of businesses forget about it. That means, if you get good at off-page SEO, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to dominate your competition and start generating more leads.

On-page SEO happens within your site, whereas off-page SEO happens outside the site. If you write a guest post for another blog that redirects the user back to your website, you’re doing off-site SEO. 

Is off-page SEO just link building?

Yes, although there’s a little more to off-page SEO than just link building, it’s still one of the most important signposts that you can wave around in the air to show Google that you’re worth ranking high.

In fact, it’s almost impossible for Google to see you as valuable and worthwhile if there are no links pointing to your site. That’s right, even if your website is the best-looking thing since flour-dusted, multigrain sourdough sliced bread, if there are no links pointing to it, you can say goodbye to being on page one of Google.

As a crucial part of off-page SEO, link building involves reaching out to sites that are as valued by Google as you’d like to be. Sometimes called ‘SEO juice’, links from high-authority sites can give you the Google kudos you need to climb the rankings and start getting some serious traffic. 

Start reaching out to sites that are dominating in your industry [even outside of your geo-location] and ask to guest blog. Create infographics that link to your site and share them with sites that are already ranking high. Remember – your competitors can be your frenemies, not your enemies!

How else can you elevate your off-page SEO?

The main aim of all off-page SEO is to increase the likelihood of more high-quality ‘clicks’ heading your way, meaning all off-page SEO is essentially done to create more links to your website. While traditional link-building is probably the most common off-page SEO strategy, you can also put some effort into other SEO-elevating digital marketing activities, such as social media marketing and influencer marketing. 

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