Why Agility Is The New Key To An Agency’s Success

Change is inevitable. Agencies used to have months to plan and develop best in class media strategies. Nowadays they’re managing customised marketing across multiple platforms, all with different touch points and all in real time.

New developments shape consumer behaviour and the marketing industry is no different. Advancements in the digital space has given way to endless options to target, track and reach audiences across a fragmented media landscape. Therefore for brands to stay relevant, the agencies behind them need to react quickly and keep the cogs running at high speed.

So, how does one survive in this new world? For one thing, you need to love it. And if you don’t… then change your mindset. Make sure your sights are set on continuous improvement. The digital age is offering up better techniques and technologies meaning one of the core benefits of an agile agency is to foster an environment of continuous improvement. New software is constantly being introduced and upgraded, algorithms change – sometimes to your advantage, sometimes not – but it always offers the opportunity to grow and develop.

And somewhere in the middle of this, take a moment to remember why you started in the first place. Whilst growth and development are always in your sights, the outcomes created in the early days of a campaign need to remain strong and a top priority. Don’t get us wrong, the pathways there might change, offer more effective routes, or contain huge roadblocks you could have never foreseen, but if the client’s goal was to get leads, that’s not going to change no matter how much the environment to get them does!

It’s important to keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve been. Having solid processes in place keeps everyone in the office’s feet firmly on the ground (while ready to run, of course).

Another thing to remember is what your agency stands for, what it’s values are. If the digital space is screaming one thing one day and shouting another a different day, it’s vital that your agency always develops a point of view.

And along with staying true to the agency’s self, it’s important to question everything. A key factor of an agile agency lies in the questions it asks; ‘how could this be better?’, ‘‘why are we doing this’ (you get the gist). Asking how something could be better keeps you striving for the best possible outcome and the best possible way to make that outcome happen. Is the copy as catchie as it can be? Is the artwork eye-catching enough? Are there new technologies out there to help boost SEO?
Along with ‘how’, there should always be a ‘why’. There’s no point spending hours on a particular task if it’s not helping to add to the outcome or producing any results for your client. There is nothing more valuable than time, so make sure you’re using yours wisely.

While we’re talking about time, always make sure you’re got some in the bank for the smaller details. When moving at super speed, it’s easy to let some things slip. You know how it goes – a big fish comes in to fry and so the smaller ones go a little undercooked. It’s the name of the game, it’s just how it goes. But it shouldn’t be. Attention needs to be given to every detail, from start to finish, no matter how big or small.

And to finish – finishing needs to be just as important a starting. This might seem obvious, but it’s important and a lot of agencies prioritise jumping into new waters and starting new exciting projects before making sure all the projects in the pipeline are seen through. Having too many balls in the air means that sometimes some get dropped, and that’s just not good enough. Life’s cyclical.Embrace change, take projects along for the ride, adapt them as fit, make sure they get delivered to the best of your team’s ability, and then learn from these for next time. This is the journey of constant improvement.