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Why You Need Social Media Ads In Your Advertising Mix

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for billions of people around the world. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram boast many active users who regularly use them to connect with friends, consume content, and discover new products and services.

You can run social media ads on these platforms, making them incredible channels for your business to reach and engage with your target audiences. Integrating social media ads into your traditional marketing campaigns can also provide many other benefits.

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Let’s discuss the benefits of social media ads and why they are a cost-effective advertising strategy!

Social Media Ads Benefits

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Do you know that 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers? Yes, it’s true! If you are also entering this space, the following points highlight the importance of social media advertising for your business:

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

One of the most significant social media ads benefits is its enhanced targeting capabilities. How? Well, social media allows advertisers to collect data on their users, including demographics, interests, behaviours, and online activities. You can use this information to craft highly targeted ad campaigns that reach specific audiences, increasing the chances of conversions.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Social media ad targeting is cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods. Statistics reveal that businesses spend an average of $9,000 to $10,000 on Google ads, with cost-per-click ranging from $2 to $5.

On the other hand, social media ads are budget-friendly, as the average cost-per-click on social media varies from $0.20 to $2.00 depending upon the platform and industry. This makes social media ads beneficial for businesses that are tight on budget.

Increased Brand Awareness and Reach

Social media platforms allow businesses to put your products and services in front of billions of users globally. Long before clicks and conversions, the audience gets to see your brand message, logo, and offerings. 

This establishes a strong presence in the minds of potential customers, boosting the likelihood of engagement. That’s why a whopping 70% of businesses invest in social media ads to build brand awareness. 

Driving Website Traffic and Conversions

Another benefit of social media ads is that they drive organic website traffic. For instance, you can share your website link and product pages within your social media ads and comment section. 

This entices users to click through to learn more about your products and services. If they find your offerings compelling and relevant to their needs, they may end up making a purchase, increasing conversions and becoming loyal customers.

Measurable Results and Analytics

Of course, when you are running ads, you don’t want to spend money like water without yielding any results. This is where social media ads help you! These platforms offer you social media ad analytics, providing real-time information on the performance of your advertising campaigns. Some key metrics that are useful in this regard are:

  • Cost Per Click: It’s a metric that measures the amount you pay for a specific action (views, likes, and impressions) from your campaign.

  • CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions): The cost advertisers pay for every 1000 times their ad is shown to users. 

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate): CTR is a metric that determines the number of clicks your ads receive per number of impressions and tells you about their effectiveness. According to Forbes, the average click-through rate across social media platforms is 1.21%. 

Variety of Ad Formats 

One of the popular social media ads benefits is that it offers you a variety of ad formats. Different social media ad formats include videos, pictures, carousels, and stories, all set to engage your audience. So, whether you want to tell a unique story via a captivating video or showcase products or services in an interactive way, social media ads can do all.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Social Media Ads

Waterman Business Centres reached out to 3 Phase Marketing (3PM) to enhance engagement and communicate the business benefits to a wider audience. 3PM took on this mission and conducted research to identify and target the most relevant audience segments for Waterman Business Centres’ services. 

We also used a variety of ad formats, including videos, images, carousels, and stories, to increase their visibility. This careful strategy led to a substantial 4.4x increase in Waterman Business Centres’ return on investment. 

In addition, through targeted social media advertising campaigns, we helped Waterman Business Centres achieve a remarkable fivefold increase in both reach and engagement on Facebook. Not only this but a threefold boost in Instagram engagement, taking their business on the road to success. 


Why are social media ads important?

Social media ads are crucial for businesses as they offer plenty of benefits. They are cost-effective, help you reach a vast audience, increase brand visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately, boost sales and revenue. 

How do social media ads enhance targeting?

Social media ads enhance targeting by allowing businesses to attract specific audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and online activities, so ads are only shown to the most relevant audiences. 

Are social media ads cost-effective?

Yes, social media ads are way more cost-effective than traditional advertising like Google ads. On average, you can expect to spend $0.20 to $2.0 on social media ads and achieve maximum ROI. 

How do social media ads increase brand awareness?

Social media ads increase brand awareness by putting your products and services in front of billions of users worldwide. They see your brand logo and message, building trust and recognition over time. 

What types of social media ads are most effective?

There are different social media ad formats, but image and video ads are among the most effective. They convey your brand message in a unique way, capturing the attention of the target audience. 

How can social media ads drive website traffic?

You can place your site link directly in your social media ad or add it in the comment section of your social media posts. Users will click the link to check out your products or services, leading to organic website traffic. 

What analytics are available for social media ads?

Often, social media platforms provide analytics on their own, but you can also use tools like HubSpot and Buffer to gain insights into your social media campaigns. These tools provide analytics like CPM, Click-through rates, Conversion rates, and ROAS. 

How do social media ads integrate with other marketing channels?

You can integrate social media ads with other marketing channels by ensuring the same engaging content for your audience across all platforms and maintaining a consistent brand voice. This results in many benefits for social media ads, including better targeting and enhanced credibility.

Conclusion: The Future of Advertising with Social Media Ads

You should run social media ads to capitalise on various social media ad benefits. Wondering where to get expert social media management services? 3 Phase Marketing is your one-stop shop! Contact us today to learn about us and enjoy our social media ads services to thrive in the digital world!


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