Why you should outsource your SEO

When you’re running a business, there are a zillion things to juggle in a day. One minute you’re chatting with a client, the next you’re writing your company newsletter; and then you have to post something engaging and likeable on social media. Often, SEO slips and falls straight to the bottom of the list. You know you should be doing it, but where’s the time?

When search engine optimization (SEO) is implemented effectively, it can reel in more website visitors, effectively convert those visitors into customers, and ensure you race ahead of the competition. The truth is, it takes stacks of time, expertise, and specific tools to get ahead with SEO.

So, why should you outsource your SEO efforts, rather than hiring an internal SEO specialist?

SEO is always changing. Algorithms are updated daily, competition is ever-increasing, and it can take a long time to accomplish tangible results. Outsourcing your SEO can help you win back valuable time that can be spent doing things you’re already good at (and actually enjoy).

When you outsource your SEO to an agency, they’ll have access to SEO tracking and analytical software that regular, single memberships don’t provide. You can use basic, inexpensive SEO tools, but when you outsource your SEO, an agency will likely have access to a whole suite of the top platforms. That means your keyword research can be on point and things like backlinks can be monitored skilfully.

It’s so much more than content writing. At 3PM, we implement three (surprise, surprise) fundamental phases of SEO: content, technical, and offsite. Even if you have the time and perseverance to learn SEO and implement these yourself, the three phases use different hemispheres of the brain — making it a challenge for many. There’s the technical, backend aspect, the creative part, and the pitching of content to other sites — which is effectively sales.

Digital marketing agencies tend to offer a breadth of expertise that one in-house SEO specialist would struggle to contend with. Alongside this know-how, agencies have their own reputation to consider — resulting in higher accountability and the desire to deliver exceptional results in a timely manner. The team focus offered by an agency can be a valuable asset to any growing business.

Another benefit of outsourcing your SEO is that you’ll get an objective view of your digital marketing strategy that can’t easily be achieved in-house. Often, employees are too close to a brand to notice cracks and faults.  Unbiased advice from an agency can be a turning point for many businesses.

Can 3PM help you?

Even when you choose to outsource, your SEO activities should be a collaboration between someone in your business and an SEO agency. That means ensuring that you’re working towards an agreed plan together and that the KPIs and company goals are aligned.

In 2020, 3PM worked with Waterman Business Centres — a campaign that increased web traffic by 117% month-on-month. Our multi-pronged approach also focused on landing pages, social media content marketing and Google search campaigns.

We have a dedicated team of experienced specialists at 3PM who work together to get your business to where it should be. We offer content marketing, email automation, copywriting that sells, social media management, and websites that’ll knock the socks off your customers. Because we know our stuff and LOVE what we do, working with us will not only be exciting, but will produce the results you want and need.

Give us a call on 1300 883 986 to find out how we can help you reach your SEO and your wider digital marketing goals.

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