Why your lead magnets are failing to convert, and what you can do about it

When you have a sh**load [excuse our French] of leads entering your your funnel and you do nothing with those leads, you’re essentially creating a sales funnel constipation scenario. Yep, you heard – your funnel is clogged with a load of potential customers that aren’t being pushed through into conversions.

The main problem with lead magnets is that they can take so much time to produce, so the risk is always that, if you don’t nail them, they can end up being a wasted effort. But when they’re done well, lead magnets can be super effective at gaining future prospects’ contact information and actually converting them into loyal customers.

Right, so, what is a lead?

In marketing, a lead just means a person that shows interest in your brand’s product or service – making them a potential customer. Typically, that person has given you their contact information and has therefore entered your sales funnel

To get their info, you have to give them a reason to share it by offering something valuable in exchange.

Did you know? 

According to a survey done this year [2022 in case you’re reading this in the future] conducted among B2B marketing professionals globally, 45% percent of people believed webinars to be the most effective channel in generating top-of-the-funnel demand [aka leads]. Virtual events and digital experiences came in second with 35%, while videos rounded out the top three with 27%.

So, what’s a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a metaphorical magnet that your brand can use to collect leads and start racking up some serious conversions 🧲

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘collect’ though. One of our fave quotes about leads is from digital marketing legend, Jay Baer:

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

You can use webinars, in-depth guides, product samples, training videos [and more] to collect leads, but there’s no point in stashing away your collection of leads for a rainy day. You have to ACTIVATE your leads. 

What does it mean to activate your leads?

Activating your leads just means doing something with the information you have about a customer [usually their email address] and helping them inch further along your sales funnel – from potentially interested stranger to loyal customer.

It’s one thing to create a lead magnet worth engaging with, but what are you going to do once your customer is engaged? Unless you have a plan for how that engagement will progress to a conversion, you could be wasting your time. 

Remember, it’s not about getting as many leads as possible, it’s about knowing HOW to convert your leads into sales. 

How to create a high-converting lead magnet

Let’s keep it simple, the most effective way to create a conversion from your lead magnet is to ensure:

  • It resonates with your desired audience. What problem do they have that you’re going to swoop in and solve?
  • Your lead magnet offers value. Give some of your tips, tricks and ideas away for free and you’ll create trust, prove that you’re an expert and make your paid product or service even more inviting.
  • You deliver on the promise you made when you collected their email. 
  • It contains enough call to action [CTA] buttons to propel them towards reaching out to your business and making a transaction.
  • Use more video content! Look, we know that it’s easier to create a PDF or a PowerPoint presentation, but if you want to REALLY engage your audience, try using video. The stats are clear, people are loving video more and more, so why not give it a go?

If you need a hand creating a lead magnet for your business, get in touch with our amazingly talented team. We’ve got expert copywriters, digital marketing gurus and SEO masters ready and waiting to help you grow your business today.

Start putting your business first and see those conversions climb. 


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