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How Long Does it Take For Google Ads to Start Working

Do you know that 80% of companies depend on Google Ads for their PPC campaigns globally? Surprisingly, Yes! So, if you are also going to leverage Google Ads to drive traffic and generate quality leads, you must consider a few factors, including the Google Ads timeline, to yield results. This will help you understand how long it takes for Google Ads to start working so you can set realistic expectations and optimise your strategies effectively. 

This article is your complete guide to Google Ads timeline and the factors that affect it. Let’s dig in!

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When you make any changes to an existing Google ads campaign or create an entirely new one, your ad goes through a phase called the “Learning” phase. During this phase, Google uses Machine Learning and advanced algorithms to learn about your business and target audience. 

In addition, it analyses the performance of your ads and makes changes in bidding strategies accordingly to yield maximum results. The Learning phase is applicable for smart bidding and lasts seven days or more, depending upon the campaign’s complexity.

Factors Influencing the Timeframe for Google Ads to Work 

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Typically, a successful Google Ads campaign can take at least three months to mature and around 4 to 12 months to become fully sustained. However, there are a few factors that affect the success of Google Ads. These include:

  • Industry and Competition: Your industry and the level of competition significantly impact how long your Google ads will take to yield results. For instance, if you work in a highly competitive industry, you will require more resources and time to attract clicks, as many advertisers are targeting the same audience. 

  • Keyword Selection: Keyword selection also impacts the time period for the success of your Google ad campaigns. Therefore, you should make sure to pick relevant, less competitive, and long-tail keywords that bring high ROI. 

  • Ad Quality: The overall quality of your ad copy greatly impacts the long-term success timeframe for Google Ads. You should write a compelling ad copy and incorporate a clear call to action for greater conversions. 

  • Total Budget and Opted Bidding Strategy: Budget and bidding strategy also impact the performance of Google Ads with a larger budget, increasing visibility and smart bidding and maximising ROI. 

Tips to Optimise Google Ads Campaign 

The following are some tips for the initial optimisation of your Google Ads timeline:

Use Negative Keywords 

Negative keywords are phrases you want to exclude from your Google ad campaigns. Including them in your campaigns ensures your ads do not show up for irrelevant searches that are unlikely to convert. This improves the Google Ads timeline to work, improving click-through rate and minimising ad spending. 

Rely on Data to Update Ads Copy 

You should also rely on data to fine-tune your ad copy and make it as compelling as possible. For instance, you may run A/B tests to determine which headlines and ad descriptions bring the most results. Then, using that information, you can regularly update the copy to reduce the Google Ads timeline. 

Experiment with Different Campaign Types

Google ads offer different types of campaigns, including search display and video. Experimenting with these campaign types can help you identify which ones are most effective for your business goals. For instance, if you want to cater to high-intent queries, search campaigns are ideal. However, if you want to create brand awareness, there’s no option better than Display campaigns.

Monitor and Analyse Google Ads Performance 

Some key metrics that help you in monitoring and analysing your Google ads campaign timeline to work are:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is a crucial metric that determines the effectiveness of your ads in attracting clicks. It is CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) × 100

Cost calculated by dividing the total number of clicks your ad receives by the number of impressions multiplied by 100.

  • Per Click (CPC)

The cost per click is the amount you pay for clicks on your ad. The quantity of your bid, ad quality, and keyword competition all affect the overall CPC.

  • Conversion Rate

It’s an important metric that entails the number of visitors who took action after your website or ads. The formula for calculating conversion rate is given as:

Conversion Rate = (Conversions / Clicks) × 100


How long does it take for Google Ads to show results?

The average time each Google Ads campaign may take to mature is around three months. However, getting a solid pay-per-click on your advertisement can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months. 

What is the Google Ads learning phase?

Google ads learning phase, as the name suggests, is when Google analyses your business size and the complexity of keywords you are trying to rank for. In addition, Google optimises your ads to enhance their effectiveness. 

What factors affect Google Ads performance?

There are various factors that affect Google Ads performance, including ad quality and total budget. Other than that, bidding strategies and keyword competition also impact your Google Ads timeline.

How can I optimise my Google Ads campaign?

A few tips that help you optimise Google ads timeline are using negative keywords correctly and experimenting with different bidding strategies. You should also focus on creating compelling ad copy and opt for automated bidding strategies for good results. 

How do I monitor my Google Ads performance?

Plenty of key metrics aid you in monitoring the timeline of Google ads. These are Click-through rates, Conversion rates, and Cost-per-click. 

What adjustments can improve my Google Ads results?

You can improve your Google ads results by using ad extensions, targeting specific audiences, and increasing your Quality Score. 

Are there case studies on Google Ads timelines?

Yes, there are many case studies on Google Ads timelines as popular companies like Workana, Advisable, and simPRO Software rely on Google ads to drive business towards your business. 

How can I achieve long-term success with Google Ads?

Consistent planning and optimisation tactics play a key role in the long-term success of your Google ads. Therefore, you should set clear goals, continuously monitor performance, adapt to changes, invest in quality content, and regularly test with bidding strategies.

Conclusion: Patience and Persistence in Google Ads Management

Your Google Ads timeline for success can change depending on various factors, such as the quality of your ad copy and the industry and audiences you are targeting. 

However, if you need assistance running your Google ads campaigns to yield maximum results, 3 Phase Marketing has you covered. We offer amazing Google ads services and help you create brand awareness and increase conversions using top PPC marketing tips.  

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