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Here at 3 PM our expert team provides comprehensive website services, including design, development, and optimisation, to help businesses establish a strong online presence and achieve their digital goals.


Transforming websites. Empowering businesses.

At 3 Phase Marketing, we provide exceptional website design and development services focusing on graphics design, search engine optimisation, and UX design. We help establish a strong online presence. Partner with us for a compelling website that attracts, engages, and converts visitors into loyal customers.

Why having a good website is important?

A well-designed and user-friendly website is no longer a luxury but a vital necessity for any business in today’s digital landscape. As a leading web design and development company in Melbourne, we understand the importance of creating a visually appealing and professionally crafted website that reflects your brand’s values and offerings. Our expert web designers and developers specialise in creating the best website designs that establish credibility and trust and act as 24/7 marketing tools to reach a global audience and generate leads. 

With our web design company’s services, your business can benefit from effective communication channels, seamless navigation, and an intuitive user experience, allowing customers to easily find information, make inquiries, and engage with your brand. By showcasing your products or services online, our website design and development solutions drive conversions, expand customer reach, and give you a competitive edge in the market. Trust our experienced web developers to design a website that sets you apart, boosts brand visibility, and establishes a strong online presence, paving the way for long-term growth and success.


What we can do for you?

We take great pride in our ability to distinguish ourselves in the industry by offering first rate website design and development services, along with our expertise in the digital marketing realm. Our highly skilled team of professionals possesses an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape, enabling us to create visually stunning websites that yield tangible results. We don’t just build websites; we strategically craft online experiences that resonate with your target audience, enhance your brand identity, and foster meaningful engagement. With our expertise in: graphics design, search engine optimisation (SEO), UX design, link-building services, and creative designing, we ensure that your website is optimised for search engines, delivers seamless user experiences, and integrates effective marketing strategies. 

From conducting comprehensive website analyses and implementing SEO best practices to enhancing page speed, improving website ranking, and building quality backlinks, we excel in providing SEO-friendly websites. Our mobile-friendly tests and responsive design approach guarantee that your website performs flawlessly across various devices. Furthermore, we offer website maintenance services to ensure your online presence remains up-to-date and fully functional. Partner with us for custom website solutions that cater to your unique needs and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our web process

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Understand client's goals and target audience

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Plan and design a user-focused website

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Implement best practices and optimisation techniques

What we do

As a web design and development provider, we specialise in creating stunning and user-centric websites that captivate audiences and drive business growth. Our team combines creative design, seamless functionality, and advanced technologies to deliver customised web solutions that meet our client’s unique needs and exceed their expectations.

Website design and development

Our website design and development service delivers custom websites that blend captivating design with seamless functionality, ensuring an engaging user experience that aligns with your brand and goals.

E-commerce solutions

Our e-commerce solutions provide comprehensive services for businesses looking to establish or enhance their online stores. We offer e-commerce website development and seamless payment gateway integration for efficient and secure online transactions.

Content management

Our content management service empowers businesses to manage and update their website content efficiently. We provide custom CMS development and assist with blog and content development for effective online communication.

UX and interface design

With our user experience and interface design service, we prioritise creating engaging and intuitive digital experiences. By integrating user-centred design principles and visually appealing UI, we enhance customer satisfaction and optimise conversion rates.

Web application development

Our web application development service focuses on building customised, secure, and scalable web applications. By utilising the latest technologies, we create efficient solutions that cater to your unique business requirements.

Optimisation and support

With our comprehensive optimisation and support service, we prioritise ensuring peak performance for your website. We offer regular maintenance, SEO-friendly development, performance optimisation, and ongoing support to maximise your online presence.

What clients achieve by partnering with us

Website performance

Boost speed, functionality, and user satisfaction

Our expertise in web design and development ensures outstanding website performance. We optimise speed, employ best practices, and prioritise seamless functionality, enhancing user satisfaction, engagement, and conversions. Our solutions deliver a top-notch user experience that sets you apart from the competition.

Strong brand identity

Reflect your values and differentiate from competitors

Establish a compelling brand identity that showcases your core values and sets you apart from the competition. Our dedicated team will design visually captivating elements and craft compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience, fostering a sense of trust and cultivating long-term loyalty towards your brand.

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable analytics to track and optimise KPI performance

Utilise data-driven insights to effectively monitor and optimise KPI performance. Empower your strategic decision-making process with our advanced analytics tools, enabling you to fine-tune your website strategy, enhance user experiences, and successfully accomplish your business objectives through informed and data-backed decisions.

Why choose us?

Your trusted web design and development partner

Choose us for exceptional web design and development. We deliver visually stunning websites with seamless functionality, ensuring a remarkable user experience and digital success.

Innovative approach

We are known for our innovative approach to web design and development. We stay updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and design practices to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients. By leveraging innovative techniques and tools, we create websites that are not only visually appealing but also functionally robust and optimised for optimal performance.

Comprehensive services

Clients choose us for web design and development because we offer a comprehensive range of services. From initial consultation and conceptualisation to design, development, testing, and launch, we handle every aspect of the web development process. Our all-in-one approach ensures seamless communication, streamlined workflow, and efficient project management, making the entire experience hassle-free for our clients.

Ongoing support and maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to our clients even after the completion of their website. We understand that websites require regular updates, security patches, and technical assistance, and we provide reliable support to ensure that our client's websites continue to perform optimally and stay secure. Our commitment to long-term partnerships and support makes us a trusted choice for web design and development services.


Ready to elevate your digital presence? Partner with us for cutting-edge web design and development solutions that captivate your audience and drive business growth.

Our work in action

Inspiring website portfolios

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Traditional fresh food market pivots to ecommerce marketplace

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Other services

Beyond web design and development - our expanded service portfolio


Harness our expertise to optimise your website, enhance search rankings, and attract relevant visitors. Dominate the competition, amplify your online presence, and unlock your website’s true potential.

Enterprise SEO

Elevate your enterprise’s online presence with our specialised Enterprise SEO services. We optimise your website, increase search rankings, and attract organic traffic to boost your online visibility.

Social media management

Unlock the full potential of your brand’s social media presence with our expert management services. Engage your audience, amplify brand awareness, and accelerate your business growth through strategic social media initiatives.

Google ads

Leverage our expertise to maximize the potential of Google Ads. Drive targeted traffic, boost conversions, and achieve your advertising goals with confidence.

Facebook ads

Achieve targeted audience reach, enhance brand visibility, and fuel conversions. Harness our proven expertise to propel your business growth.

YouTube marketing

Enhance your brand’s exposure, captivate your audience, and generate video views. Leverage our expertise in YouTube marketing to drive effective results.

Frequently asked questions

A custom-designed website refers to a website that is built from scratch, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of a business or individual. It involves designing and developing the website’s layout, structure, features, and visual elements to create a personalised and distinct online presence.
The time it takes to build a website can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the size of the website, the functionality required, and the availability of content and resources. Typically, a custom-designed website can take several weeks to a few months to complete, as it involves various stages such as planning, design, development, testing, and launch.
Web design primarily focuses on the aesthetics and visual elements of a website. It involves creating the overall look and feel, including the layout, colour scheme, typography, and graphical elements. Web development, on the other hand, involves the technical implementation and coding required to bring the design to life. It includes building the website’s structure, functionality, and features, as well as backend development and database integration.
The cost of a website can vary significantly based on factors like complexity, design, functionality, and the technology used. A basic WordPress site starts from $5,000, while a complex e-commerce platform or custom web application is higher. All of our websites are designed with a ‘conversion first’ strategy which means we may advise the use of additional plugins and software which incur a direct on-going cost. Other ongoing expenses are hosting, domain registration, maintenance, and marketing. Considered planning is essential to ensure your website project aligns with your financial resources. The first step we take is to understand your overall business goals before web develop a full website growth strategy.
The level of technical skills required to maintain a website after it’s developed can depend on the content management system (CMS) used and the specific tasks you need to perform. Many modern CMS platforms, such as WordPress, provide user-friendly interfaces that allow non-technical users to update and manage website content easily. However, more advanced technical skills may be necessary for tasks like customisation, troubleshooting, and implementing more complex features.
Yes, we can assist you in optimising your website for search engines. Our services may include keyword research, on-page optimisation, improving site structure and navigation, optimising meta tags and descriptions, optimising page load speed, and implementing other SEO best practices to improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engine result pages.
Yes, we can design and develop your website using a content management system (CMS) that allows you to update and manage your website’s content easily. We can provide training and guidance on how to use the CMS effectively, enabling you to make regular updates, add new content, and manage your website without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Yes, we can integrate e-commerce functionality into your website to enable online selling and transactions. We can design and develop an e-commerce solution tailored to your specific business needs, including product listings, shopping cart functionality, secure payment gateways, order management, and other essential features required for a successful online store.

Yes, we can redesign your existing website to enhance its aesthetics, improve user experience, and add new functionality. Whether you need a complete overhaul or specific updates, we can work with you to understand your goals and transform your website into a more visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional online platform.
We utilise a range of platforms and technologies depending on the specific requirements of your project. Common platforms include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento

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