3PM UX checklist

In the age of digital, there is nothing more important than User Experience (UX).

Simply put, UX really is all in the name. It’s how a user feels while they’re interacting with a website, app, software or other device.

UX needs to be a priority for any business that interacts with their customers. If a user doesn’t have a positive experience while interacting with you, they’ll likely move on. And quickly.

For example, if a user has a difficult time on a website finding the information that need, they are likely to move on after 3 seconds.

When designing a product or service, such as an app or website, it’s important to keep UX top of mind. This is true for copy, enquiry forms, call-to-actions and layout – basically, all things design.

To help you create the best UX for your audience, we’ve created a UX checklist, which you can access below.

With this checklist, you can make sure you’re designing an experience that puts the user first and delivers them with the kind of value that keeps them around.

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