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6 things to know about SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a daunting world. There’s a lot to understand, and the rules are constantly changing. Before you get too overwhelmed, hopefully these key things will help you navigate this digital space.

Measurement and analysis

SEO is only handy if you know how to measure results, analyse and then adapt your approach for next time. How do you do this? Google Analytics is a great tool for this. Reporting tools will measure search traffic from the Google sphere (that includes organic and paid), as well as deliver valuable insights into how your performing.

Link building

Link building is a crucial element of SEO. If you imagine search engines as cities, links are the streets. More is definitely more here. The more roads leading to your website, the more traffic you’ll receive. Links across different sites and platforms across the web to your page are a signpost of popularity to Google as well as trust and relevancy, and that you’re a quality resource. Basically, the most links a website has to them, the higher ranking they’ll earn.

Facets of content marketing

Although content marketing is often looked at as a completely separate aspect of marketing, SEO should be incorporated into all content produced. It’s a necessary contributor to the SEO process. It’s a slow burn but totally worth it. Quality content produced over a long period of time will lay a basis for themes, keywords, credibility and authority for your site that Google recognises and considers in your ranking.

On-site optimisation

On-site optimisation is a strategy of making a website more visible and attractive to search engines. This includes tactics such as meta descriptions, prioritising target keywords across pages, keeping all coding simple and clean, and providing consistent content.

Keyword research

SEO is not just about getting traffic to your website, but getting the right kind of traffic there. This is where keyword research comes in. By researching the terms and phrases your target audience use, you can uncover specific keywords that you should be using across your website. This will help you align with your target audience and appear higher in their search. Keyword research includes both short, high-volume words and longer-form conversational wording. Both are important in channelling the right visitors to your site.

The big picture

Lastly, but potentially most importantly, when it comes to SEO, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. The nitty gritty is crucial to pulling off a good SEO strategy, but only when everything works together, over time, to create a beautiful bold big picture. Everything you’re doing today will add up in the long-term to produce results. Patience and consistency – that’s what SEO boils down to.

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