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Facebook Audience Insights: Grow Your Engagement Like a Pro

Facebook is a popular social media platform with 2.9 billion monthly active users. Businesses are creating their pages on Facebook to capitalise on this vast audience, aiming to increase brand visibility, engage with customers, and drive sales. If you are also one of them, you should keep an eye on Facebook insights. These insights provide you with critical information on how your page is performing and the key to growing it. 

This article is your complete guide to Facebook insights and how you can increase your audience engagement. Let’s begin!

facebook audience insights


What are Facebook Insights?

Facebook insights are powerful analytics tools that allow business owners to track and analyse the performance of their Facebook page, providing tons of metrics. They cover everything from demographic details about your audience to how they interact with your Facebook page. The purpose is to help you optimise your Facebook engagement to drive more conversions. 

How to Access Facebook Insights?

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to find audience insights on Facebook:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, and then from your News feed, click on the “Pages” option on the left menu.
  2. If there is more than one page, select the page for which you want to view insights. Make sure you are the admin or have appropriate permission to access insights. 
  3. Once you’ve opened the page, click “Meta Business Suite.”
  4. Click “Insights” on the left menu.
  5. You will now see an overview of your page’s performance over time. To learn more, navigate to sections such as Overview, Followers, Likes, Reach, and Page Views. 

Top Facebook Insights or Key Metrics

Now that you are aware of how to access Facebook insights let’s discuss the different key metrics and what information they provide:

  • Reach: Total number of people or unique users who have seen your content. It aims to inform you about how wide your content is spreading. 
  • 3-second video views: Number of times your video was watched for at least 3 seconds, giving you an idea of the audience’s initial interest in your video content.
  • Page views: Total number of times your Facebook page was seen by both Facebook and non-Facebook users, so you get an idea of your page popularity. 
  • Engagement: Actions taken on your Facebook page, likes, comments, shares, and clicks. It reflects how engaging and visually appealing your content is for the target audience. 
  • Page likes: It’s the representation of the number of people who have liked your page. Page likes are an indication of your growth since the day of page creation. 
  • Followers: The total number of people who follow your page and visit it for updates so you know your audience size. 
  • 1-minute video views: Times when your video was watched for at least one minute, providing information about whether your content is gaining attention. 

How to Increase Engagement on Facebook?

Various tips can help you increase your Facebook page engagement. These include:

Understand Your Target Audience

To increase your engagement on your Facebook page, it’s essential to understand your target audience. This involves who your target audience is, such as demographic and age, as well as their behaviour patterns, such as when they are online and how they interact with your content. Once you have a clear user persona, you can then shape your content strategies accordingly to yield maximum engagement.

Find the Right Time to Post 

It doesn’t matter how much we emphasise it, but growing engagement on the Facebook page is all about posting at the right time. Yes, it’s true! For this, you can use your Facebook page insights to find what time your audience is most active. 

Experiment with posting at different times to find out what works best for you. You might find that certain times of day or days of a week yield more results. Keep refining your posting schedules based on these insights to increase your reach. 

Post Consistently

We all often hear that “Consistency is the key to success.”  So, to achieve success on your Facebook page, you should post consistently. Most brands report posting 4 to 5 times a day; however, this may not work for your team. Your team should figure out how many times they can post consistently in a day. This regular content posting keeps users engaged and returning for more.  

Leverage User-Generated Content

When you run out of ideas and don’t know what to post, user-generated content can keep your audience engaged on Facebook. UGC refers to posts, images, videos, reviews, or testimonials created by users or customers. 

Post them on your Facebook page, and you’ll be surprised to see the sudden boost in audience interaction. That’s because consumers find UGC content most authentic and will likely trust your brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I review Audience Insights data?

There’s no specific time frame on how often you should review your audience insights data. However, it’s recommended to opt for a longer time horizon to get more detailed data.

Is Audience Insights available to all Facebook users?

No, Audience Insights isn’t available to all Facebook users. It’s just for advertisers and business managers who run their pages to understand their page performance and get a better idea of their target audience. 

Can I use Audience Insights for other social media platforms?

Facebook Audience Insights are specifically based on users’ behaviour on your Facebook page. You can’t directly use this information for other social media platforms, but the insights and information about your target audience can increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. 

How can I improve the accuracy of my audience targeting using Audience Insights?

Audience Insights provides information about your target audience’s demographics, gender, and interests. You can use this information to refine and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly and leverage them to become your customers. 

Are there any privacy concerns associated with using Audience Insights?

No, there are no privacy concerns associated with using your Facebook Audience Insights as long as you carefully handle users’ data. However, make sure the data is anonymised and complies with privacy regulations. 


Facebook insights are an incredible way to track the performance of your Facebook page and get information about your target audience. Wondering which platform to trust for your social media management and Facebook Ads? 3 Phase Marketing got your back! We have top-notch social media experts who shape a marketing strategy and manage your Facebook page to drive maximum engagement. 

Contact us today to discover our success stories, and let us elevate your Facebook presence to the next level!


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