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Here’s why you should be using the 7 deadly sins when writing copy

People act on emotions. When we’re angry, upset or overjoyed, we’re likely to react on that emotion and carry out on action. Whether that be to laugh, scream or buy a bunch of chocolates. No one loudly toots their horn when driving for no reason, they do it because they’re frustrated or outraged.

When writing copy, the core emotions can be tapped into to drive a particular action, and these are the 7 deadly sins: greed, pride, lust, envy, sloth, wrath and gluttony. As copywriters, we have the ability to evoke these emotions through the use of words. And through these emotions, we can drive the action we want in our audience.


To lust after something is to desire it. Copywriters can tap into this emotion and make their audience want what they’re selling.

Show your product or service in its most appealing manner. For example, if talking about a dessert, show tantalising and enticing photos alongside copy that makes it sound absolutely to die for. We’re talking that buttery, sugary goodness that melts in your mouth.


Gluttony is desiring something in excess. Copywriters can tap into this to sell even more of their product or service to their audience with the message of, “You can ever have enough!”.

You want to attract the part in your audience that’s self-indulgent and always wanting more. For example, if you’re selling a car, sell the accessories too!


Greed is the selfish desire for something beyond one’s needs. Copywriters can use this to drive an action in their audience by appealing to their hunger for more and desire for something for nothing.

You want to make your audience feel an overwhelming urge to have more of something. Will your product or service help your audience get more money? Tap into that!


People want their lives to be made simpler – Sloth taps into that. Copywriters can tap into this by showing their audience how much easier their lives will be with their product or service.

Show your audience how your product or service takes away from their effort. For example, if your product comes with delivery straight to the customer’s front door, talk about how they won’t even have to leave the house!


Wrath taps into annoyance and anger. Copywriters should touch on their consumer’s pain points and give them the solution via the product/service.

Think about what annoys and angers your audience – how are you relieving that for them? Be the antidote to your audience’s frustration. For example, is your audience annoyed about traffic jams? How does your product relieve this?


Envy is the bitter longing for someone’s else’s possessions or attributes. In copywriting, this taps into the jealously for something that someone else has.

You want to show your audience how happy someone else is with your product or service. For example, show a testimonial from a customer absolutely gleaming about how your product or service has improved their life. Make all your audience want to be like them too.


Flattery will get you anywhere and everywhere, right? Pride is the feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements or qualities. So, copywriters, appeal to your audience’s egos!

You want to make your audience feel good about themselves and put them in a good mood so they’ll be more likely to be persuaded. For example, does your product enhance one of your audience’s already amazing qualities?

Tapping into emotions will help you get a desired action from your audience. First think about what you want your audience to do and then think about what emotion will likely get them there. Using the 7 deadly sins will help drive action. We’re all just humans acting on our emotions after all.


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