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If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we all need to pivot.

It’s all about the pivot.

Consumers aren’t necessarily spending less, they’ve just changed the way they’re spending. More specifically, they’ve moved online and if your business doesn’t follow the ‘trend’, you won’t keep up.

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With more than 20,000 new households now shopping online as of April 2020 and an 80% growth in eCommerce in the eight weeks post the WHO’s pandemic announcement, if you’re not online you’re simply not in the game. Pack up. Bow out. Buyers aren’t interested in brand loyalty if you can’t offer what they need.

Coming from a female-run, female-founded Digital Marketing Agency, we have seen and felt firsthand this change in consumer behaviour.

The impact, as we all know, hit especially hard after the first lockdown here in Victoria, with clients keenly feeling that their ‘secure’ customer base was spooked by global uncertainty.

To successfully pivot your business, brand and revenue before October hits and the security of JobKeeper tightens, you need to invest and we mean seriously invest, in an eCommerce store. Why? Because 74% of consumers visit an online retail store and of that number, 70% will make a purchase.

Make it sticky, fast and user-friendly. If it doesn’t load quickly, your market will give up. If it’s not easy to find a product, your market will give up. With buy now, pay later schemes up year on year, make sure your store also offers these simple conveniences.

Cover your buyer’s end-to-end experience by investing in a swift and reliable delivery partner. Australia Post has experienced a decades worth of growth in one month and are struggling to keep up.

We live in a time of instant gratification and if your package takes more than 2-3 business days to arrive at a consumers doorstep, you should seriously start looking for a new delivery service.

Here at 3PM, we have undertaken this pivot firsthand. Our Digital Marketing Agency is now fluent in the creation and maintenance of eCommerce stores. See it for yourself with our impressive and continually growing lists of clients, including Prahran Market and Milk&Co!


After the creation of your eCommerce store, back it up by using free media. Invest time and energy into your brand’s social media presence. 84% of consumers aged 16-64 have searched online for a product or service to purchase.

The power of Google reviews or Facebook recommendations when a potential customer discovers your business is extremely important. It’s the new form of word of mouth.

Social media use continues to grow. By engaging with your audience in a meaningful and transparent way, you’re demonstrating your commitment to your customers. Find a way to automate a reviews process with clientele or have a team member dedicated to this process. There’s nothing worse than researching a brand and seeing that their most recent review was 2 years ago.

Keep with the times or invest in someone who can.

The only antidote to low sales is more sales.

Invest in your Sales Team now, before October arrives and JobKeeper tightens. Review your market and see how you can pivot. With health services seeing a 26% increase in revenue since COVID-19, perhaps this is the time to reinvent what you offer like fragrance manufacturers have done with hand sanitiser.

Fine tune your message to reach your market. Luxury isn’t important right now. Convenience is.

Our 5-star Marketing Agency is here to help. With nominations and recognitions across the globe, we recognise what you need right now. We can also back it up with comprehensive end-to-end campaigns that seamlessly incorporate traditional and digital marketing tactics so you can see your business not only survive, but thrive.


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