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The Rosemary Centre provides veterans caring and private health services to make sure they are heard, seen, and get the help they need.

The client

Our services

Who are they?

The Rosemary Centre provides veterans with caring and confidential healthcare services, ensuring they feel heard, valued, and receive the health outcomes they rightfully deserve.

What we did

The founders of the Rosemary Centre approached us with two objectives: firstly, to craft a brand that pays homage to our retired servicemen and women from the defense force. They envisioned a brand that conveyed empathy and inspired immediate trust. Secondly, their goal was to extend their impact nationally and offer remote consultations to broaden their reach; to support as many veterans as possible in accessing their support services, including assistance with DVA claims. The ‘Rose’ has a personal significance to the founders so we incorporated this element into the brand name and graphics.

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