Use these surprisingly powerful CTA examples and see your sales soar

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen enough ‘click here’, ‘buy now’, and ‘find out more’ call to action [CTA] buttons in our time to keep us bored for years to come. When the same old CTAs are used over and over on every website, eDM and eCommerce store, they fail to do their job of converting because they fail to grab our attention enough to make us click.

Your site’s CTA buttons should act as the stepping stones that seamlessly guide customers through your sales funnel. They should be well lit, perfectly spaced and never require awkward jumping, clambering [and definitely no falling]. Great CTAs transform readers and visitors into leads and will make your conversion rates soar.

So, what are the benefits of powerful CTAs?

  • Remove decision fatigue
  • Make the user journey crystal clear
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase your sales

Whether you’re creating a new landing page, redesigning your website or optimising your emails, your CTAs should always tell someone what they should do and give them motivation to do it.

Effective CTAS:

  • Provoke action
  • Use simple language
  • Are visually striking
  • Are tonally consistent with your other copy 

If you’re looking for powerful CTA examples to help you convert readers and seriously grow your business, it’s all about the words you use. If you don’t have compelling copy to drive ACTION, then you’re unlikely to actually get any action [so to speak].

Using any of the following CTA examples will guarantee to get you more conversions:

  • Claim free instant access
  • Receive free estimate
  • Get my free eBook
  • Join the family
  • Explore right now
  • See why now
  • Discover why today
  • Make someone smile
  • Claim limited time offer

So, why are these CTAs SO EFFECTIVE?

  • ALL of these CTAs start with ACTION [claim, discover, make, join].
  • Some of them indicate a sense of urgency and promise instant gratification [now, today, instant].
  • They offer something that’s appealing, like a free eBook or special offer.

Crafting the perfect CTA

Writing and designing the perfect call to action all starts with knowing your audience inside and out. Every business is different, so it’s important to think about what your perfect customer wants and needs. 

Remember, when you’re creating your CTA, it should be compelling enough to click on and offer an on-point, irresistible value proposition. Whatever stage your customer’s at in the buying journey, it’s likely that you’re not the only one offering them that product or service.

If your CTA is promoting a lead magnet like a free guide, report or trial, the free content should blow them out of the water and make them realise they NEED what you’re offering.

If you think it’s time to optimsie your CTAs and need a hand, contact 3 Phase Marketing now and DISCOVER how we can TRANSFORM your business 😉


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