We crushed this book. Read our 5 minute summary of Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Divisive. That’s an appropriate word to describe Gary Vaynerchuk.

Of the five books (the current total as at October 2019) the best-selling author has released, ‘Crush It! Why Now Is The Time to Cash In On Your Passion’ has arguably been the most powerful, and therefore the most divisive piece in his collection.

First published in 2009, this written work was Vaynerchuk’s first pen to paper effort in detailing the digital media lay of the land. It is cutthroat, black and white, and with no room for excuses. He doesn’t want to hear your reasons why you can’t, instead he wants to see you transform into the inspiring and entrepreneurial version of ‘Yes Man’.

Of the 13 chapters which are in turn 13 different steps on the path toward success, Vaynerchuk delivers one statement that is beautifully and frustratingly simple – like a DIY project you think you could do but never strive to undertake – that the greatest marketing strategy, ever, is care.

Let us paint this picture.

You walk into a store. You’ve never been inside the store before, so there’s an element of apprehension. The sales assistant (or the manager, you don’t know you’ve never been in the store before) approaches you with a warm smile and welcomes you. Immediate ease rushes through you. You purchase what you need (or don’t need) and leave. Then you continue to return because each time you receive the same respect, joy and care.

It’s as simple as that.

You might know care as:

  • Consideration
  • Regards
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Diligence
  • Meticulousness
  • Conscientiousness

On top of the best marketing strategy, Vaynerchuk also seeks to remind you of the two most important factors in social media:

  1. Passion
  2. Expertise

These two factors arguably go hand in hand. If you’re passionate about something, you’re utterly captivating. If you’re an expert, you’re respected (assuming you handle everything with care). Combine respect and captivation and you’ve got one powerful yet tasty cocktail that will bring in the crowds.

But how do you properly communicate this passion and expertise? Vaynerchuk asks you to turn your attention to:

  • Producing videos
  • Recommending podcasts
  • Detailing software trends
  • Undertaking interviews with other members of your industry
  • Inviting questions from your customers

It’s like a moment when you realise that you haven’t been able to see the forest for the trees, driving home the importance of making your social media accounts a platform for conversation and dialogue.

Following on from these social media tips, Vaynerchuk also recommends a collection of marketing tips, including:

  • Speaking engagements where you approach event coordinators and offer to speak for free
  • Pick complimentary businesses and develop affiliations
  • Offer content to industry outlets
  • Create your own seminars and align with restaurants or event companies
  • Produce your own video blogs
  • Prepare to starting receiving requests for consultations
  • Invite questions from your customers
  • Learn how to roll with it, or like Elle Woods, learn how to bend and snap

They’re oddly simple and straightforward, especially when they’re delivered with Vaynerchuk’s iconic sharp tongue that translates effectively through the written word.

Want to learn more about Vaynerchuk? Check out his website and list of available written works here: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/


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