10 Christmas Marketing Tips

Tis’ the season to be jolly and tis’ the season to stand out from the crowd! 

There may have been a number of things this year (as long as your Christmas list) that didn’t go in your favour, which is why gearing up for the festive season is more important than ever. 

Having a digital marketing campaign that stands out from the clutter is critical. Our undying love for online shopping has increased even more in 2020. In fact! PayPal’s research predicts online shopping for Australian’s this Christmas is expected to double compared to last.

So amongst all the fun to be had this festive season comes an equal amount of stress. But not to fear, we have prepared a list of ways your business can get the most out of digital marketing campaigns and flourish these holidays.

Have a Seasonal Campaign or Offer

Amongst all the noise that is Christmas shopping, offer something special with a bit of extra pizzazz for your beloved customers. That “thing” that they are hanging out for all year. 

Perhaps it is the only time of the year customers can receive something personalised, or it could be exclusive Christmas packs and/or bundles, an exclusive look or smell. 

If you were looking for a time to stand out, the time is now!

Be Consistent

 Having a website that screams “we love Christmas as much as you do” is a start (excellent in fact!) however, your Christmas messaging must also be mimicked across all of your channels. 

 POS, Social Media, Google Business listing, packaging, email marketing, the works! The importance and power of consistency for your brand is in your digital marketing.

Get Your Copy, Right!

You’ve got to s p e l l it out! Your campaign offerings need to be displayed on your website and other channels to make sure everyone you want to see it, sees.

 To get the most out of your copywriting for your social media channels, our non-negotiables are:

  • Conversational! Good copywriting is a conversation between friends.
  • Compelling headlines, e.g. 12 Days of Christmas shopping.
  • Catchy phrases, e.g. Santa Sack Specials.

Get even more creative!

With everyone fighting for your customers’ attention, it is essential to stand out from the crowd! Which we know you will, of course.

Keep in mind however that people are still after some normality in advertising this Christmas. Below is a great example of a creative yet topical festive campaign:

Toys “R” Us 2020 – Make it a Christmas to Remember


Start Early

If for you Christmas now feels like it goes for about four months… it’s because it does. Supermarkets are getting you ready by October, and for some of us, the Christmas tree won’t go down till the latter part of January, well for me anyway.

 So get in early! This way you won’t miss the boat for shoppers who start early, whilst also exposing your offers to those last-minute shoppers (#guilty) for weeks or even better, months before they/we eventually get around to it.

Retarget Customers

In a survey by IBA Australia, it was found that 74% of Australian marketers reported campaigns that utilise retargeting increase online conversions. 

 Whether your customer was surfing the web, overwhelmed by options or procrastinating, make sure your targeting pixels are firing so they don’t lose sight of what they have already lost once.

Increase Website Conversions

 If there is one thing we know for sure about the festive season, is our belly’s get full and our pockets empty. Helping your customers in any way you can, will be much more compelling compared to nothing. 

Whether it be zip pay, free shipping, discount codes, bonus gift with purchase or all the above! Give them no reason not to proceed to checkout.

Reward Loyalty 

 Customer trust and loyalty is a gift, so give them the gift of giving.

Offer your existing customers an offer that is not available to the general public, perhaps early access to Christmas promotions or products. Utilising email marketing is the perfect way to do this.

Extending Trading Hours

 For those who enjoy the last-minute rush (or despise) and you have a retail store, offer extended trading hours to help out our adrenalin junkies. 

 Don’t forget to update your Google business listing trading hours as well! 

Get Into The Spirit

 Now, what’s Christmas without seeing red and green everywhere you look and jingles playing everywhere you go?

Turn your retail store, website, office or business location into Santa’s magical kingdom. Get into the spirit and have a little fun. Because lord knows, we need it this year more than ever! 


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