Can blogging really increase lead generation for your business?

At 3PM, getting businesses more leads is what gets us up in the morning [along with pretty strong coffee and some ripe avo]. Leads aren’t optional for business success – they can genuinely make [or break] your business. Without an increase in high-quality leads, your business may struggle to grow.

There are multiple ways of generating leads – from well-timed email marketing to data-driven social media campaigns. But what about blogging? Does blogging really help with lead generation in 2021? We’ve all heard the rumours that blogging is dead, but we blog beg to differ.

Blogging drives fresh, targeted traffic

When you’ve got a nice collection of well-written blog posts 👋 it gives people a reason to check out your site and hang around. Unless people are already familiar with what you’re selling and are there to make a purchase, there aren’t many other reasons why they’d hang out at your website. When you’ve got an interesting, useful, engaging blog you’re giving people a great reason to come and visit your site – to read your content.

When blog posts are optimised, you’ll enhance your search engine optimisation [SEO] efforts and, by improving your SEO, you’ll be tapping into some of the billions of searches that people make online every day.

Out of the 1.7 billion websites that exist, there are more than 500 million blogs [and counting] and, according to reports, companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads than companies that don’t.

You can repurpose blog content

Every single time you create a new blog post, you can share it on social media and in your eDMs – helping expose your work to an even bigger audience. You’ll be killing more than one bird, with just one blog-shaped stone – saving yourself time and money.

Your blog posts can convert traffic into leads

Once you’ve got some decent traffic heading towards your site, what are you going to do with it? Well, this is your chance to convert that traffic into leads.

Every post should provide value, speak to your ideal audience, be well written, and act as a lead generation opportunity. Whether you add a compelling call to action [CTA] at the bottom, or offer a lead magnet [like a free eBook or webinar], make sure your blog posts are working for you.

Some other benefits of blogging

There are so many ways that blogging can generate leads for your business as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. But what are the other benefits of blogging?

One of our favourite things about effective blogging is that it can answer common customer questions and position you as a real expert in your niche [we know that you are]. This is super amazing because you’re helping out your audience, establishing yourself as an industry leader, AND creating trust. Triple whammy!

We’ve got you covered

Now you know how blogging can increase lead generation for your business, it’s time to make a start. Check out our well-loved blogging checklist that’s got all of your blogging questions covered.  

No time to write time-consuming blog posts? Stuck for ideas? Struggling to figure out what will really resonate with your audience? Our team knows exactly what’s what when it comes to creating content that converts. We help you create consistent, click-worthy content that’ll leave your audience delighted – time and time again.

And because this is a blog post, here’s a CTA: get in touch today if you need a hand with your content marketing and get your sales soaring.


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