Is your customer service on point? Do better with these 5 tips

So when it comes to providing a positive customer experience, the customer is always right! But on the down low, we also know the customer isn’t always right…right? Well, now that we are all on the same page let’s dive into the world of great customer service.

So here are 5 things to consider when approaching your customer service strategies.

1. The customer is always right! 

A phrase popularised in the early 1900s that really has stood the test of time. So why is this phrase still so relevant 100 years on? Well, put simply, happy customers lead to happy businesses. A business cannot survive without its customers. 

Satisfying your customer by meeting their expectations has an 86% customer retention rate. This means, according to Bain and Company, that just a 5% increase in customer retention and satisfaction leads to a minimum profit increase of 25%! This is why it’s important to prioritise your customer and understand their needs. 

Researching your customer’s wants can be conducted simply by speaking to them. But we understand this is not always possible, so how about sending out an email or sms blast for feedback? Offer your customers an incentive to give you the insights you need. This reflects that you value their opinions and their time. 

2. Be human, be personable, listen and empathise! 

We understand dealing with customer requests day in and day out can take its toll. But rather than see it as customer vs business, try to approach them as you would any other person you meet. Simply listen. Being heard and seen is sometimes all a customer needs to feel satisfied.

When emailing, ensure to be personal and take time to add the fine details, they may seem small but can make a big difference. For example, use their name every time! Ensure you structure your emails and language in a similar way to the customer. This makes it feel less scripted and more personable. Ensure to thank them for their time, reflecting that you care! Remember, 68% of customers will happily pay more just for good customer service. (Hubspot

3. If customer service had a love language it would be words of affirmation! 

When we say words of affirmation, we mean communication. 

So, we’ve accepted that the customer is right, we have listened and empathised with them. By this point we have hopefully built a positive foundation, now it’s time to ensure clear, concise communication. 

Follow up with your customers, use tailored emails that are targeted to their interests and truly personalised. Make sure you know your customers’ preferred contact method. Choose the channel that appeals to them and follow their lead. If they email – email, if they call – call. 

You could research communication channels, or to take it one step further, you can simply ask! This could be a direct question or through ‘opt in services’. Let your customer opt-in to their form of communication rather than automatically signing them up for any and all channels. 

Ensure your message is clear and the customer is on the same page as you to avoid any miscommunications. Consistent, timely and quality customer services appeals to 90% of all consumers. (HelpScout)

4. Great customer service goes beyond the customer. 

Ensuring a positive customer experience starts at the very top. Management needs to create internal processes that are proactive and take control of customer service strategies. All staff should be on the same page when managing customers and all business messaging needs to be consistent and clear. 

5. Finally, take responsibility, learn and grow! 

Taking responsibility can be an apology, an acknowledgment of an issue and should always be followed up with a solution. 90% of worldwide consumers rank issue resolution as their most crucial customer service concern. 

Everyone will make mistakes, and owning up to it reflects maturity and good business practice. It also opens the door to showcase your expert customer service and care for each individual. By implementing corrective action, offering a solution or even a gift, a business can take a problem and really turn it into a growth opportunity. 

For more information on how to implement good customer service contact us today. Start making customer service part of your growth strategy.


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