The biggest SEO challenge 2022 will bring

SEO has been around just about as long as search engines – it’s nothing new. It’s all about getting found online in order to increase conversions and grow your business.

Although lots of experts and agencies like to complicate SEO [usually to pull the wool over your eyes], we prefer to strip it down to the nuts and bolts:

You’re a business. You want more customers, and, with effective SEO, you can reel in those customers on a shiny silver platter.

Does SEO matter?

But why does ranking high in the search engine results pages [SERPs] matter? Isn’t it okay to be sort of up there, without having to be number one, two or three?

Well, considering 75% of searchers never go beyond the first page of the Google search results and 90.63% of sites receive no organic traffic from Google, it’s super important. After all, why have a website if no one can find it?

So, with the constant SEO algorithm changes popping up every day [even a few times a day], how can you prepare for SEO in 2022? Is it possible to guess what the biggest SEO challenge in 2022 will be? At 3PM we have a pretty good idea. 

Could it be backlinking? Cross-platform sharing? Site speed?

Nope – it’s [drumroll please] content!

Content will save you

The biggest challenge businesses face in 2022 is most definitely content. Whether you sell pens, guitars, cakes or wine – content is the key to unlocking successful SEO.

The internet is getting crowded

There are over 1 billion blogs on the internet. Yes, 1 BILLION! That means there’s about one blog post for every 8 people.

But what is everyone writing blogs about? Aside from news or brand-new ideas, most of the content on the internet is repurposed or regurgitated. It’s the same old concepts relayed in a slightly different way.

Think about it, when someone goes to write a blog post, they typically do a quick Google search, find some information and write it in their own words [ish].

All those blogs give Google even MORE options to choose from when someone types in your keyword [DOH!] and for most keywords there is more content than people searching for it.

What can you do?

We’ve established that the biggest SEO issue in 2022 will be content. So how can you ensure your content helps you to get found online? With SEO content marketing becoming more competitive than ever, there’s only one option: stand out.

Stand out from the congested online crowd by creating better content than ever before.

  • Content that’s different
  • Content with a unique perspective
  • Content that reveals the individuality of you and your business

How to create unique online content

It’s not enough to create semi-interesting long-form blog posts with a couple of good-enough images. You’ve got to think about what makes your viewpoint different from everyone else’s out there. What makes your ideas special? How can you communicate your unique expertise to your audience in a captivating way? 

In depth research on a topic is no longer likely to cut through the noise because you’re probably using Google to do your research in the first place. Unique content is about effectively communicating your distinctive ideas by getting creative and not being afraid to stand out.

If content marketing isn’t your forte, hire a copywriter who has first-hand experience in your industry. At 3 Phase Marketing, we have a team of highly experienced, talented copywriters who can help get your unique ideas across and ensure you smash your SEO goals.

Get found online

Effective SEO isn’t a quick fix. It’s about thinking ahead and predicting challenges before they arrive and, like any form of marketing, it’s about creating genuine value.

When you have a well-researched, data-led SEO strategy as part of your digital marketing, you’ll notice the difference. Your web traffic will climb, your conversions will creep up and your competitors will start getting green-eyed.

Call 3PM today for a free consultation and get your SEO strategy on point for 2022.


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