Google SGE 2024: Impact on SEO & Traffic

Google has 8.5 billion searches a day. This shows that millions of people around the globe are using Google’s search engine as their go-to source for information. So, to improve their search experience, Google has launched its Search Generative Experience (SGE) in 2024. 

The purpose of Google SGE 2024 is to provide internet users with faster and more concise responses based on multiple trusted sources. But how does this unique feature impact SEO and traffic on your website? Remember, if you are running an e-commerce or affiliate business, you must learn about the implications of Google SGE on your SEO strategies. 

This write-up serves as your ultimate guide to Google Search Generative Experience and how it can impact your website traffic in 2024. Let’s dig in!

What is Google SGE? 

Google SGE refers to using generative AI in Google search results to provide users with clear information about searched topics. Let’s understand it better – Google’s AI will go through the SERP to find the answer to the user’s question. 

Then, it’ll create and display an easy-to-understand answer at the top of the SERP. The answer is in snippet form, called AI Spotlight. Overall, the goal of Google SGE 2024 is to offer users an immersive search experience that eliminates the need to click on individual web pages. 

Let’s look at some of the key features of Google SGE: 

  • AI Snapshot: It’s the AI-generated snippet at the top of the SERP featuring answers to the user’s question. 
  • Conversational Search: Users can search for follow-up topics related to the searched question as SGE understands the context. For instance, if you search “What’s the weather in Melbourne?” you can then follow up with “What about tomorrow?” 
  • Predictive Suggestions: Google SGE utilises predictive modelling to get an idea of the user’s query and offer them real-time suggestions, making the search process easier and smoother.

Impact of Google SGE on Your Website Traffic

The world is shifting toward AI-powered search, as around 29% of adult users are already willing to switch to it. So, how does the popularity of AI tools like Google SGE impact your website traffic and SEO? Let’s find out!

Low Click Through Rates

Google SGE provides concise and clear answers to a user query directly on the search results page in the form of a snapshot. So, users find the information they need without visiting the actual site. This translates to a low click-through rate for websites, reducing their organic traffic. 

Reduced Visibility 

Another thing that you may face due to the release of Google SGE 2024 is reduced visibility in search engines. Yes, it’s true! The AI-generated snippets prominently at the top of search results pages offer an immediate answer to the user. As a result, users don’t take the time to scroll through the SERP, hindering the website’s visibility. 

Increased Focus on Mobile Friendliness, Page Speed, and Security

Google SGE puts a strong emphasis on providing a fast and smooth search experience. It prioritises websites that have mobile-friendliness, fast page loading times, and robust security measures. If your website is compromised on these features, it’ll not rank higher in SERP with the evolution of SGEs. 

Changing Your SEO Strategy for the Google SGE 2024 Update

Do you know that a whopping 77.8% of the Google search results for SGE-enabled searches had AI-generated results in 2023? This popularity highlights the importance of adapting enterprise SEO strategies for digital business owners. 

The following search engine optimisation updates can make it easy for you to align your content with Google SGE 2024:

Understand Your User Intent Better

The goal of Google Search Generative Experience is to provide a clear and concise answer to user queries. It considers websites that offer a direct answer to user searches. So, to grab a spot in Google SGE results, you should understand what users seek and why and adapt your SEO strategy accordingly. 

For this, you should conduct thorough keyword research and try to find long-tail keywords highlighting user intent. Create content around these keywords to meet user intent. 

Create High-Quality and Human Content 

Optimising your content for Google SGE requires you to create high-quality and human-centric content. Make sure the content offers a comprehensive solution to the user’s problem. Keep the tone conversational, and avoid writing extensive paragraphs to make it interesting and easy to comprehend. 

Remember, doubling down on quality and content humanisation can boost your chances of securing a top spot in Google SGE results. It also enhances the overall visibility of the website in SERP. 

Use Images and Other Multimedia 

User engagement is Google SGE’s top priority. Therefore, you should focus on crafting content that captures user interests and offers value. The best way to do it is by incorporating images, infographics, videos, and interactive graphics in your content. 

These visual elements not only break up the context and make it visually appealing but also help you convey complex information more effectively. This enhanced user engagement helps boost your website ranking in Google SGE search results rankings. 

Make it Mobile-Friendly

As mentioned earlier, Google Search Generative Experience prefers websites with mobile optimisation and fast loading speed. It’s because 9 in 10 (92.3%) internet users access the internet using a mobile phone. So, ensure your website is suitable for mobile devices to maximise visibility and attract organic traffic. 

Build Authority Through Links

You must also focus on building domain authority to place your content in the SGE snapshot. For this purpose, you should incorporate relevant and credible external links in your content. Cite authentic sources in your content to earn the trust of Google SGE 2024 and take your website to the top of SERP.


The Google SGE is indeed a great feature; however, this Google update can have some consequences for your business website, including reduced click-through rates and less visibility in SERP. Therefore, you need to adapt your SEO strategies by focusing on user intent, using multimedia, and building domain authority. 

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What is Google SGE 2024, and why is it important for SEO?

Google SGE is a new Google update that leverages AI to offer users precise and informational answers to their queries. It’s important for SEO because it demands business owners and digital marketers to shift the focus toward user intent and content engagement, requiring new SEO optimisation strategies. 

How can businesses adapt their SEO strategies to align with Google SGE 2024?

Businesses can easily adapt their SEO strategies to align with Google SGE 2024 by making small changes. For instance, they need to focus more on user intent, build domain authority, and optimise the website for mobile for a better user experience. 

What are the expected impacts of Google SGE 2024 on website traffic?

Google SGE can reduce the click-through rates and overall visibility of a website. It’s because users easily find the desired information in the snapshot, reducing the need to browse individual websites. 

Are there any specific industries more affected by Google SGE 2024?

Although the impact of SGE varies as per your industry, certain sectors are likely to be more affected than others. These include healthcare, e-commerce, and B2B technology industries. 

How often does Google update its algorithms, and how does this compare to SGE 2024?

Many experts state that Google’s algorithm changes 500 to 600 times a year. The Google SGE 2024 is a new Google update. Unlike typical Google updates that focus on website rankings and changes, the SGE boosts user experience by offering AI-driven search results. 


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