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What is marketing automation and how can it help your business?

If you’re being honest, having an easier life isn’t something you thought possible as a growing business. The bigger you scale, the bigger the stress – right? Well, not necessarily!

Rather than spending more and more time trying to keep up with your evolving, expanding customer base, marketing automation can free up your day, your week, and your year [#Friends] – making space for more important [and more enjoyable] tasks. As software improves and advances, there’s no better time than right now [RN] to offload those pesky, time-consuming parts of your business.  

Automation is all about making your life simpler – from sending an email, to ad tracking, to posting on social media. However, the technology of marketing automation offers so much more than that – it can provide business owners with the chance to nurture prospects more intentionally, and in ways that encourage meaningful personalisation for customers.

How else can marketing automation help my business?

Aside from saving you time, money, and precious energy, data-driven automation allows you to increase sales and generate leads like there’s no tomorrow.

At 3PM, we regularly implement advanced marketing automation for businesses who want to raise their profits without raising their stress levels. Rather than just automating certain activities [like sending an email], marketing automation can gather customer data from your channels and use it to improve their experience. This can include:

  • Segmenting audiences within automations
  • Testing out automations against each other
  • Creating automations based on customer behaviour

By doing this, brands can take customer preferences and interests into account and interact with them on a more personalised level. The upside? When customers feel more seen by you, they’ll associate your business with understanding their needs – creating a lovely little thing called customer loyalty.

What else do I need to know about marketing automation?

Combining both software and strategy, marketing automation can help you deliver meaningful, useful, content to your audience and convert prospects into paying customers.

According to a 2021 report, approximately 51% of companies use marketing automation and more than half of B2C companies plan to adopt the technology.

Effective marketing automation uses a holistic approach, taking into account the needs of your customers and how they evolve over time. It’s no longer enough to focus on just email – looking at how customers interact with your business across all of your marketing channels will give you a ‘whole picture’ perspective to give you full understanding and context.

Should every business invest in marketing automation?

As a growing business, the challenge is inevitably, being able to do more with less. Whatever you’re doing business in, marketing automation can help you attract leads, nurture customers, and increase sales.

If you’ve already mapped out your content strategy and have some basic processes in place, marketing automation allows you to ‘level the playing field’ and compete with more established businesses in your industry. In a nutshell, marketing automation is a cost-effective way of saving time and enriching communication with your customers.


Automation is becoming a more and more important aspect of digital marketing, especially for those who’re keen for an edge over their competitors [who isn’t?]. Whatever digital strategy you choose, it’s crucial to set tangible goals, track your progress, and adjust to accommodate your evolving business and customer base.  

Talk to 3PM today about how you can implement marketing automation in your business. Effective, data-driven marketing automation allows you to understand customer traits and behaviours and enhance engagement. We ensure that automation is aligned with your business goals and marketing strategy across every step of the customer journey.


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