Do these 3 things to elevate your online store and grow your eCommerce revenue

The amazing thing about eCommerce is that there are thousands of online stores out there that have already tried and tested the very best ways to increase conversions, elevate profits and get customers coming back for more. You don’t need to come up with inventive ways to drive sales – you can just look at what other successful businesses have done and then do the same.

So, why don’t more businesses do this? Well, most people don’t truly believe that business can be that simple. They believe that, deep down, sleepless nights, endless brainstorming and plenty of struggle is the only way to succeed. But as a successful digital marketing agency, we know that’s not true.

Even if your company is a disruptor in whatever industry you’re in, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel [unless the tyre is completely flat]. If you look around and see something that works, then try it out for yourself. What have you got to lose?

So what does work when it comes to growing your eCommerce store? 

Optimising your site for mobile

The share of mobile eCommerce sales as a percentage of total eCommerce sales globally was 52.4% in 2016. Huge, right?

Well in 2021, it increased to 72.9%!

That growth isn’t slowing down.

If your eCommerce store isn’t optimised for mobile yet, you’re seriously missing out on major potential sales. 

Using social proof

Are you using social proof to your advantage?

Social proof is the idea that people are influenced in their decision making by others. In the context of eCommerce, things like user-generated content, customer reviews and even social media shares are all examples of social proof. They show that other people value what you have to offer, making it seem more valuable and trustworthy. 

Ways to increase social proof include asking for reviews, reaching out to influencers, including awards or articles about your on your site [PR] and encouraging social media engagement.

Don’t believe that social proof works? Check out these stats from Hubspot:

  • The average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision.
  • 57% of consumers will only buy or use a business service if it has at least a 4-star rating.
  • For 50% of all consumers, the next step after reading a positive review is to visit the company’s site.

Use killer copy

Great copywriting isn’t just about spelling things correctly or using the right tense in a sentence [although that does help]. The best copywriting is crafted to sell your product or service – but how?

If you want high eCommerce engagement and a sh*tload more conversions, try using these three tips:

  • Get their attention: Attention-grabbing headlines promise to solve a problem, convey a sense of urgency and offer something of value to the reader. 
  • Nail your voice: As with most elements of digital marketing, it’s about putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. What will resonate with them? Will industry jargon scare your customers or impress them? Will emojis be off-putting or totally relatable?
  • ACTION, ACTION, ACTION: Before you write any copy, think about what action you want your customer to take. What’s the purpose of the copy? When your writing lacks purpose and direction, it’ll show. Plan ahead, write with purpose and don’t forget to include some compelling calls to action [CTAs].

Are you ready?

The first thing most people want to do when they read an article like this is to go away and find even more tips to improve their eCommerce store. Rather than taking these three simple steps and start seeing their profits increase, they procrastinate by going on the hunt for more complicated ways of doing things.

Trust us, if you do these three things this month, your revenue will climb and your life will be easier. 

Too busy?

We know you’re busy walking the dog, picking the kids up from school and planning that weekend trip away 🥂 – so why not hand it over to the experts?

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours go from crossing their fingers to celebrating sales – in a matter of weeks! 

Get in touch today and start putting your business first.


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