Give your business a leg-up with modern SEM services

Aside from winning the lottery, pay-per-click [PPC] marketing is the speediest way to up your income – but only when you get it just right.

It’s about so much more than chucking $$ at relevant keywords and expecting more customers. It’s about using the perfect combination of persuasive language and targeted audiences to get people clicking through to your website and finding what they need.

It’s about meaningful connection through language. And it’s about getting you the return on investment [ROI] you deserve.

Award Winning Digital Agency

Award winning digital marketing agency. Trusted by the best brands.

Our dedicated team has your search engine marketing in the bag

With years of SEM success and literally thousands of PPC campaigns under our belt, we know a thing or three about search engine marketing.

Every agency says they’re dedicated, but how many SEM agencies feel like an extension of your business? How many LOVE the challenge of helping you grow? 3PM does all of the unglamourous backstage digital work for you, so you can focus on what YOU know a thing or three about.

Google Ads services can help any business get ahead

The Google Adwords services that we provide aren’t just for ecommerce stores – we can deliver productive PPC campaigns time after time [yes, like Cyndi Lauper] for any type of business.

At 3PM we work hard to make sure that every cent you spend on pay per click services is NEVER wasted. Just sit back, grab a cuppa and let us do our thang!

Don't micromanage your PPC campaigns, let the experts do it

Are you micromanaging your pay per click campaigns and throwing money down the drain? For pay-per-click marketing to work, you’ll need a full plate of strategy with a side of insight.

When you leave your PPC stuff to 3PM, we guarantee to make use of jusssst the right metrics, along with a bird’s eye view of your business, to ensure that increased conversions actually happen.

Pay-per-click marketing campaigns optimised to get you results

Think that lots of visitors to your page means your Google AdWords campaign is working?

Wrong. You could be paying a fortune to have unqualified leads clicking away to visit your page but then doing zilch. Zero. Nada. And each click will cost you money.

We’ll target your audience and make your Google campaign do handstands for you. We strategise. We monitor. We adjust. We make sure your results graph goes off the charts.

Google Adwords Case Study

The Hairy Pill

The strategic SEM campaign that continues to deliver over 180% return on investment

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