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Go Salary

Growing Go Salary

A trusted and experienced provider of salary packaging services for not-for-profit companies needed more leads, and 3PM stepped up to the plate and delivered.

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The Company

The salary packaging savants

Go Salary is a salary packaging service provider passionate about helping employees of not-for-profit organisations make the most of the financial options available to them.

The Challenge

An obvious lack of leads

Go Salary are exceptional service providers, but were literally the worlds best kept secret. They could not be found in Google search, therefore they were not generating traffic to their website and hardly any leads to support their business growth.

The Solution

Sharpening their SEO strategy

We implemented a laser focused SEO strategy, using cutting-edge keyword research technique and placement to improve the site’s visibility for search engines and high intent users.

The Results

Exceptional results

The SEO strategy we devised and implemented delivered fantastic results; 180% growth year on year, and 98% growth in the past 6 months compared to the preceding period.

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