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Homeschool Academy

Remote learning, remarkable results

Struggling against stigma & lacking leads, Homeschool Academy came to us for help. 3PM delivered a website & SEO campaign that generated huge results.

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The Company

Homeschooling Done Differently

Homeschool Academy bring quality education to your home with structured classes provided by qualified, experienced teachers.

The Challenge

Describing Our Difference

Facing competition and a lack a of leads, Homeschool Academy came to us for help with a lead generation strategy.

The Solution

School's in session

Homeschooling carries the stigma of being a lower quality education. We built a website to explain that Homeschool Academy's qualified teachers allow for remote education without compromising on quality.

The Results

Taking the competition to school

Our campaign generated incredible results for Homeschool Academy, with over 100 leads delivered & a 580% increase in conversion rate.

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