The Hairy Pill

Making Hairy Pill Happy

The hair loss prevention industry is cutthroat and competitive, and The Hairy Pill needed help to stand out and increase sales.

Increase in digital campaign sales
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Overall sales increase
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The Company

Taking care of your hair

The Hairy Pill provides personalised hair loss treatment for Australian men and women, developed and prescribed by doctors.

The Challenge

The bald truth

The hair loss prevention industry is competitive full of both legitimate and not-so-legitimate products. The Hairy Pill needed help standing out and establishing themselves in a crowded marketplace. new provider. Our challenge was to rebuild their confidence and prove that we could deliver better results.

The Solution

Standing out by a hair

3PM developed and implemented a strategic and highly targeted paid search campaign to help The Hairy Pill stand out in the digital marketplace.

The Results

Results on a budget

In only three months, the client saw an increase of 71% in overall sales, and an 83% increase in sales from our digital campaign. This was accomplished without escalating their ad spend, making for a very happy client.

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