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What a fantastic company! From the first engagement right through to what was delivered was amazing! The website and marketing strategy was elite! Sonia, Neha and the whole team are world class. Not in the wildest dreams could we expect the product we received, and this instantly transferred into a high functioning business with clients commenting how amazing the website was. Thank you again and I know that for all our projects we have going forward 3PM is the place we will go.

Joshua Tinning

The Rosemary Centre

Client Testimonials: 3 Phase Marketing

Not only did I get the website I had envisaged for years but the whole experience went way beyond a simple business transaction. The leaders and their team at 3PM were an absolute dream to deal with and people I simply loved working with. Special mention to Bodhi for being the most patient project manager. Bodhi understood my vision and managed to communicate it to everyone involved. Also a big thank you to Heather, Richard, Jeremy and Sonia who all played big parts in this amazing project. xx




We loved working with the team at 3PM. From the initial brand concepts all the way through to our website, they really took the time to understand our target audience. The tonality and communication strategy was developed to connect with our core audience. The brand visuals and esthetics are professional but also reflect our culture of hustle and humor. Our clients are in the medical industry so it was really important for our marketing partner to nail the brief, and they certainly did!

Sophea Heng




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100% Accountable for your results tick false
National team with face to face meetings tick false
31+ Long term employees tick false
In house design, digital, web and strategy tick false
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Our 3 Business Growth Pillars

Conversion focused experts

Without spending more on advertising, our conversion strategies will improve your lead flow and sales, so you can enjoy more predictable growth in your business. Your new ad ROAS will be worth celebrating.

Data optimisation framework

You’ll have insights into what landing pages, headlines, keywords and offers resonate with your customers, so you can amplify your growth through data and intelligence using our DOF™ framework. This gives you more confidence and control in your business.

Customer insight specialists

Our clients get faster results by applying our NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) design principles. We know how to craft landing pages, websites & campaigns that build a meaningful connection that helps your customer buy from you with confidence and clarity.



Your step-by-step journey to growing your healthcare business starts here

Revenue Goals

We delve into a detailed examination of your financial plans, ensuring a clear alignment between your online strategy and overarching vision for business success. Our strategists work backwards, what are your financial goals for your business then we determine how many patients, bookings and leads we need to achieve your goals.

Gap Analysis

To develop a healthcare marketing plan, we start by identifying target audiences and competitors to understand market trends. We then look at market research to gather insights into patient preferences. This thorough understanding forms the basis for crafting effective marketing strategies to meet your goals.

Conversions Tactics

We focus on conversion and technology to optimise your website for maximum bookings and conversions. We strategically map out the user journey, identifying key touchpoints where visitors can be converted into customers or engaged leads. Our team of developers can also integrate your clinical systems into your website.


Effective communication with your target audience means understanding their needs and preferences. Craft empathetic messaging, use clear language lower resistance by actively addressing your patients fears and concerns. This helps you build trust and foster connections.

Optimise for Growth

In the final stage of our healthcare marketing journey, we focus on continuous growth and optimisation to maintain your online presence as a dynamic and valuable asset for your practice. We employ data-driven strategies, assess patient behavior, and review performance metrics to identify areas for maximum impact and success.



Meet the Founders, Sonia and Tamara

From zero to 25 million in sales

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Dr Snip

“The reason we chose to work with 3 Phase Marketing was to get some extra firepower within our own internal marketing team. We wanted an agency to help us create a better-converting site, make our ads more efficient and help us connect with the right clients and bring in the right leads.”

Dr Nick Demediuk

If you are serious about growing your healthcare business parter with us

We live in a digital world and all business growth is now dependent on your marketing.

Clients: 3 Phase Marketing

170 + Successful clients

Frequently asked questions

Every business is a digital business now which means that even healthcare providers need to meet the digital buying habits of today’s customers. Digital channels play a critical role in developing a relationship with your future patients. 

Healthcare marketing does differ from other industries due to stringent regulations, ethical considerations, the need for educational content, emotional appeal, longer sales cycles, emphasis on trust and reputation management, and heightened focus on data privacy due to the sensitive nature of health information.

At 3PM, we bring nine years of extensive experience to the table, specialising in digital marketing strategies tailored specifically for the healthcare industry. Over the years, we have successfully partnered with numerous healthcare companies, assisting them in scaling up their operations through our comprehensive approach to the entire customer journey. 

Our team is dedicated to addressing patient fears and concerns with empathy and expertise, ensuring that our marketing efforts resonate effectively with our clients future patients.

Google Ads play a crucial role in healthcare marketing by enabling providers to reach potential patients, promote services, and increase brand awareness. Healthcare companies use Google Ads to target specific conditions or procedures, localise their campaigns, optimise for mobile users, and engage in remarketing efforts. They also use ads to promote educational content and measure campaign performance. However, it’s essential to adhere to regulations like HIPAA and maintain accuracy and transparency in ad content.

With a healthcare company website development, key strategies include beautiful branding to build immediate trust, user-friendly navigation, mobile responsiveness, and developing content to address patient fears and motivations. We always implement SEO best practices to improve visibility, while integrating appointment scheduling and patient portals streamlines the patient experience. Data is protected with our layer of cyber security to ensure patient privacy is maintained.Robust security measures are vital components, which is why we developed our website protection plans ensuring protection of sensitive patient information. Overall, these strategies work together to provide a seamless and informative online experience for patients while maintaining compliance and security standards.

Yes, SEO is vital for healthcare providers as it enhances their online visibility, making it easier for potential patients to find them. By optimising their websites for relevant keywords and local search terms, providers can attract organic traffic and acquire new patients cost-effectively. Additionally, appearing at the top of search results instills credibility and trust in patients. Through SEO, providers can also educate patients about health topics, gain a competitive edge, and establish themselves as trusted sources of healthcare information in their respective specialties.

Healthcare social media significantly helps in attracting more patients by increasing reach, building trust through engagement, and distributing educational content. Providers use platforms to share informative material, promote services, and interact directly with patients, fostering connections and loyalty. By leveraging social media’s potential for real-time communication and community-building, healthcare providers can effectively engage with patients, demonstrate expertise, and ultimately attract new patients to their practice.


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